‘Girls’ Season 3, Episode 6: Free Snacks

"Yeah, I feel like that wasn't as re-tweeted as it should have been, so I appreciate the support."- Hannah Horvath (on one of her articles)

In this week’s episode of Girls, Hannah (drum roll please) gets a real job… at GQ. I know, shocker. But that’s not the only weird thing that happens.  This season is getting funnier and more infuriating at the same time. As always, I have some mixed feelings. And so does Hannah. And just about everyone else.

Marnie and Ray (?)

I’m not exactly sure what is going on here. I can’t pretend that I didn’t kind of love their weird banter. (Marnie: What is your favorite Real Housewives city? Ray:… Prague?).  Also, when Ray called Marnie dumb at her “spiritual core”… I was kind of like Spot on Ray, Spot on. Their sex scene was disgusting and awkward in the typical Girls fashion. Their relationship is wrong for so many reasons… but I think the reason they’re working right now is that they’re equally eccentric.  Marnie has some strange delusions of grandeur and Ray is just well… Ray. I wonder who will catch them in the act first—Shoshanna or Adam and Hannah (doppelganger scare!)

Jessa’s New Job

So, Jessa fulfilled her dream of working at a children’s boutique. And she is regularly disturbing the clientele. One of the mother’s asked if the dress that Jessa picked out for her daughter might be too small. To this Jessa responded: “No, unless your child is morbidly obese.” She’s a great saleswoman. Not even being completely sarcastic—she sold it. I’m slightly concerned that they kind of dropped her whole drug-addict-storyline… but I guess for now she can do her part traumatizing rich housewives.

Courtesy of Girls HBO tumblr.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr.

Hannah… Got More Annoying

I know, you didn’t think it was possible. Neither did I. I feel like each episode the creators of the show say: Hey viewers! Do you think that Hannah Horvath can’t get anymore self-involved? Well, think again! This episode, she got a real, legit job at GQ… and she was complaining about it. I know she’s grappling with the fact that her dreams are nearly impossible—being a writer who can support him/herself is basically unheard of. It’s the modern day fairy tale.  She’s worried about selling out, getting a corporate job (every writer’s nightmare). But, at the same time, getting a position at a place like GQ is a huge accomplishment. I just don’t feel that sympathetic for her. And I don’t think she has the right to belittle other people…who are more accomplished than her. Remember the days when I was Team Hannah? Now the only thing I really like about her is her style—as in her clothes.


Gif courtesy of Tumblr.


Shoshanna…makes no sense

The little bit of Shoshanna’s life that we get makes no sense. One minute she’s reconsidering her break up with Ray, and the next minute she’s having sex over a sofa while casually discussing her relationship requirements. Her character makes less and less sense. I kinda wish they’d either eliminate her… or give her a bigger part... so that she seems less random.

Adam the Actor

Am I the only one who just realized that Adam was actually pursuing a career in acting? What? I assumed he was just doing nothing. I could see him in some really violent horror movie. Like New York Chainsaw Massacre: Adam Edition.  Hannah’s co-workers sort of hinted at how impossible it is to be in a relationship with someone who is unemployed… so let’s hope this acting gig lasts. Speaking of acting… is Adam just pretending not to be pissed that Hannah kicked out his sister? Or…?


Gif courtesy of Tumblr.


Gif courtesy of Tumblr.


 Until next week, stay adventurous.