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10 Reasons to Celebrate Facebook Turning 10

Tuesday marked Facebook’s 10th birthday and it's about time we celebrate its existence.

To commemorate its anniversary, Facebook launched a new app on Monday called Paper. Paper’s developers have created an entirely new graphic design where everything is set up to look like the front page of a newspaper. The user’s newsfeed is structured to be more visual, where full-screen photos and links are the focus. App-users can also choose from a variety of categories that run the gamut from weather to equality to art. Paper has a special “stories” feature where users can post and share their stories among friends.

From connecting people all over the globe to facilitating online stalking, Facebook has made an unforgettable mark on this world. And for that, here are 10 things Facebook has done for us in 10 years:

1. Globalization

Facebook truly is the embodiment of modern globalization. Previous social networks only had success with specific Western markets or demographics. It is hard to meet people from most parts of the world who do not have a Facebook, even places with little access to Internet or electricity. Facebook has created a free and easy mode of international communication helping friends, family and even acquaintances connect in a way that was not possible 10 years ago.

2. Young & Old

Congrats to Facebook as it has crept into essentially every global demographic. From Harvard students, to 20-sometings, to grandmas, everyone has a Facebook or knows what it is. Facebook has made people of all ages interested in social media, for better or for worse. Oh how quickly an innocent mobile upload with a friend become the reason for your aunts and grandmothers to ask why you do not have a boyfriend yet.

3. Advertising and Marketing

Facebook has revolutionized advertising and marketing on a global scale. Small or local businesses are able to reach target audiences or create a “Page” to list promotions and campaigns. Almost every website has a “Like our Page” section, or a “share this on Facebook” link. Nothing rivals the instant access to an audience of people with similar interests like Facebook.

4. Social Events

Facebook has monopolized event planning as parties, fundraisers and essentially any event can be created on its site. Long gone are the days where flyers were passed out for a bookstore sale, or a big house party; just make an event on Facebook.

5. Pictures

Before Facebook, pictures were often taken at family events, graduations or vacations and put away in an album to be stored away forever. Facebook transformed the meaning and longevity of a picture. Pictures can be shared, saved, liked, or resurfaced instantly.

6. Relationship status

Facebook has given the world relationship statuses, one of the most useful tools for single people around the world. You can easily figure out if the hot girl on the T has a boyfriend, or that the creepy flirt in your History class has a girlfriend and you’re still single. Facebook’s relationship status is the online version of a wedding ring. Everyone can see it, and everyone knows what your deal is.

7. Messaging

Facebook essentially created a faster, easier and more direct messaging system. There is no need to know someone’s email or screen-name, you don’t even have to be friends with someone to message them. Everyone with a Facebook is instantly accessible on a global scale.

8. Profile pictures

Facebook did not create profile pictures, nor are they the only website to use them, but choosing a prof-pic has definitely become an art form because of it. Should I use the picture of me on my family beach trip, or the one of me riding a horse? Maybe it has encouraged vanity, but at least you can see all of your friends at their very best.

9. Vocabulary

Facebook has created an entirely new vocabulary that would have made contemporary us look like freaks to 2004 us. “Like” my picture! Did you “friend” me? I’m going to put that on my “mobile uploads”. Make sure to “tag” Rachel in the picture. Words in every language have taken on new meanings after Facebook was introduced in 2004.

10. Poking

Poking has been a feature of Facebook since its inception. Before newsfeed, likes, or videos, there was poking. No one knows the meaning, in fact, there really isn’t one. Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg refuses to give an explanation for the feature; it is up for interpretation. After 10 years though, poking is still a total joke.