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The Most Memorable Moments of 'Late Night' with Jimmy Fallon

This coming February 17th the king of Late Night will make a career defining move. After five years as host of Late Night, Jimmy Fallon takes the Tonight Show throne from fellow comedian Jay Leno. Previously known for his six-year role as a Saturday Night Live cast member, Fallon entered the Late Night world in 2004 and made of it one of the funniest shows in late-night television. During his years as host, a myriad of A-listers, politicians and comedians appeared as guests and left their mark alongside Fallon through hilarious comedy sketches and musical performances that defined the success of the show. Let’s check out some of his most memorable moments of Late Night.

One of the defining elements that made Late Night with Jimmy Fallon so popular was his in-house band, the Roots. From Lip-synched battles with Joseph Gordon Levitt to duets with pop stars like Carly Rae Jepsen, his band was always there, toy xylophones in hand, ready to lead the musical way. Thankfully it has been announced that they will make the move with Fallon over to The Tonight Show. One very memorable moment was when Jimmy Fallon sang “Blurred Lines” along with Robin Thicke and the Band.

He has also made many hilarious parodies of popular television shows such as Downton Abbey in his skit “Downton Sixbey” and Breaking Bad in is skit “Joking Bad.”

In each parody, he manages to brilliantly integrate the world of each popular TV show with his own Late Night show in Studio 6B. One noteworthy parody is his reenactment of Game of Thrones in “Game of Desks.”


Many artists such as Ryan Reynolds, Anne Hathaway Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber, among others, have passed through the show and left their mark in different ways. One hilarious skit was Channing Tatum’s performance in the “Ew!” segment alongside Jimmy Fallon. Another hilarious sketch, which is one of my personal favorites, is “Jersey Floor” where Fallon enlists the help of comedians Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to bring the world of The Jersey Shore alive in the NBC studio.

In my book, you can never go wrong with the Obamas, and this is something Fallon seems to agree on. In his years as Late Night host as he managed to bring both President Obama and the First Lady on set in two hilarious sketches that show a different side to the infamous First Couple.



Finally, one recurring guest on the show who never disappoints is the one and only Justin Timberlake. Fallon has danced, acted and rapped alongside JT in numerous occasions proving they’re truly a dynamic duo. Among their most hilarious and memorable moments are the skit “#Hashtag” and their “History of Rap” performances that were so good, they had to do them three times.


With such a good repertoire, we can only expect the best from Jimmy Fallon hosting Tonight Show. Who knows the surprises await the audience! Justin Timberlake and Barack Obama duet?


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