BC According to Autocorrect

If BC residence halls could talk, what might they say? It’s a pretty scary thought. While BC has a reputation of a preppy, uniform student body and campus, the res halls would shout very different stories. Each dorm at BC is bursting with personality, and those stereotypes are almost as widespread as North Faces and Bean Boots.

Nowhere are stereotypes more blatant than autocorrect on a Google search. It’s hard to capture our vivacious residence halls in one word, but if BC had its own search engine, here’s what autocorrect would say:


Newton Campus is…underrated.

That’s right, underrated. (Guess where I lived freshman year?). Sure, a party in the Cushment will hardly feel like a frathouse, but friendships made on Nasty Newt last through graduation. Newton fosters a community feeling unlike any on campus; everybody knows everybody because everyone is a freshman. Going back to Newton after a long day of classes feels like going home, and as a freshman adjusting to college life, that’s not something to overlook.


Upper is…conceited.

Despite ubiquitous forced triples and lovely communal bathrooms, the “privileged” 60% of the freshmen class seems to think itself better than Newtonites. Sure, you can roll out of bed five minutes before class and still be on time, or stay out past two without the fear of having to sleep on the street, but you will never experience the character building that comes from taking the “drunk bus” on a Saturday night. Sucks to suck.


CoRo is…unfortunate.

Basically all of BC’s on-campus night-life centers around Lower campus because all upperclassmen live there, except, of course, for the lucky few sophomores on CoRo. These poor souls live up the million dollar stairs, across campus, up another set of stairs, and finish the trek with a nice hill. CoRority life can be fun, though, especially because you get to relive all the highlights of freshman year!


Walsh is…ratchet

As a sophomore on a Friday night, there is no better place to be. Walsh is known for its parties and universal craziness, as well as a kick ass security team. In fact the parties get so crazy that students often find that the ceiling tiles are in their way and the elevator floors could use a nice cleaning with a bottle of Ruby.


Greycliff is…isolated.

No, this place is not a myth. Greycliff is a real BC res hall full of sophomores with doubles and singles. This sad excuse for “on-campus” housing is a whole Comm Ave bus ride away. A jaw drop and look of pity will forever be the appropriate response to finding out someone lives in BC’s very own Siberia.


The Gate is…swanky.

There’s no denying it—the Gate is straight up nice. As the newest dorm on campus, it is incredibly clean and fully functioning (a rarity in BC res halls). The 6-mans and 8-mans are some of the most spacious on campus, and those juniors and seniors lucky enough to live there take full advantage of their set up on the weekends.


The Mods are…sweaty.

For those living there, the Mods must be absolute paradise—the barbeques, tailgates and snowball fights seem like something out of a movie. For those of us only lucky enough to visit after adequately answering “Who do you know here?”, the mods take on a different persona. They become sweaty, grimy and cramped with more freshmen girls than even go here. Swimming through the mods is the perfect way to work up a nice appetite before raiding Late Night, though, so no complaints there.

Courtesy of Gavel Media

Courtesy of Gavel Media


Vandy/90 is…classy.

Vandy and 90 house those sophomores who killed it in the infamous freshmen year housing lottery. The upgrade from forced triples to luxurious 8/9-mans is remarkable. Vandy and 90 always keep it classy, with the ceiling tiles in tact and pristine study lounges decked out with spiral staircases. Because straight staircases are for peasants.


66 is…studious.

The fishbowl is home to mostly sophomore doubles and Honors housing. The last party in 66 was probably never because what upperclassman throws a party in a double? Better question—what upperclassman attends a party in a double? I might, just to see if it can be done. Instead, 66 is known for its hard-workers tucked away in doubles tackling mountains of homework.


Edmonds is…dirty.

The “Ed-mods” house most of the seniors that were hoping for a mod but didn’t quite make the cut, and they take out their frustration on the building itself. It seems Edmonds residents often get in fights with the facilities regarding unreliable running water and power and seem to express their frustration by punching holes in the wall. Also rats.


Gabelli/Vouté is…luxurious.

Gabelli and Vouté host arguably the best housing on campus. The townhouses and apartments are ridiculously nice, with full kitchens, sometimes two stories, and plenty of space. It’s all the perks of off-campus housing in two beautiful on-campus dorms, provided you have what it takes to scale the ice-covered hill to make it there in the first place.


Iggy & Ruby are…spirited.

Iggy and Ruby are the classic senior dorms. They provide a great sense of community and are full of activity. Upscale versions of Edmonds, they are generally the place to be for seniors on the weekends. The music can be heard all the way from the Robsham stop, and nowhere is BC pride more rampant than among these seniors. Residents are known to chant “Eagles on the Warpath” and stomp through the halls in unison every night at 8pm.


Each housing facility has its own stereotype. If there’s anything the world has taught us is don’t believe in stereotypes, but there’s no point in denying all of these at least come from an undeniable truth.