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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Sexual Chocolate

Drop your sweetheart, abandon your Valentine, and ditch your date; Sexual Chocolate is performing this Friday, February 14th. As their own Valentine’s Day gift to the students of Boston College, these gentlemen will be performing at Robsham Theater with a special guest performance from The Heightsmen. So how should you prepare for such an evening? Check out these helpful tips.

Julia Keefe/Gavel Media

Julia Keefe/Gavel Media

First and foremost, acquire a ticket. If you have already purchased your ticket, do not forget to pick them up at the box office, or print them out before the show; you do not want to miss out due to negligence. However, if you are one of the unlucky few who was unaware that the Big Show is already SOLD OUT, there are still options for you: post your plea on the event, make a Facebook status, tweet, send out a mass text, hire a skywriter… do not lose hope! If you do happen to be unlucky in this regard, take solace in the fact that you will have another chance to see Sexual Chocolate when they perform at the ALC Showdown later this semester.

Julia Keefe/Gavel Media

Julia Keefe/Gavel Media

Now that your plans have been set, it is time to prepare for the show itself. As mentioned earlier, this is a Valentine’s Day performance, but that does not mean it is a meeting of the Lonely Hearts Club. While it is true that the majority of the audience will be single (those who are taken are likely to have more elaborate plans for the evening), this is not an opportunity to wallow in what some call Single Awareness Day. The Sexual Chocolate Big Show is a more than adequate replacement for a romantic date so there is no need for sadness.

The final tip is here for logistical assistance. You will notice that each ticket has an assigned seat. This throws a wrench into things. If your ticket is in a different section than that of your friends, be sure to arrive early so as to negotiate seat changes. It is quite possible that some of the audience members will be unaware of the assigned seating so the process will most likely go one of two ways: total anarchy, or military precision. Avoid the drama by getting to Robsham early and claiming your seat.

Once you are in your seat, do not expect to sit there and passively experience the show, because the best way to watch is to embrace the atmosphere. Typically, there are two kinds of people who attend events such as these: those who have an almost inhuman vocal capacity, and those who are unprepared for the former. Either invest in earplugs, or stock up on honey and warm beverages, because there will be loud screaming, and plenty of cheering punctuated by peals of laughter.

My recommendation to you: embrace it, and join in. Clap, laugh, cheer, and otherwise enjoy yourself throughout the performance. So cancel any other plans between 7-9pm and get excited, because these guys have worked tirelessly to perfect what is sure to be an amazing show.

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