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What Your BC Athlete Crush Says About You

Let’s face it, BC is full of attractive people, and there’s nothing more attractive than someone who’s really, really good at their sport. That’s right; BC athletes are definitely crush-worthy, and can make even a slow game more exciting just by their sheer physical beauty. Who cares who’s winning when there are good-looking people to look at? But the sport that the players you ogle play says a lot about you – probably.

The hockey player 

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Sarah Sellah / Gavel Media

With hockey season in full swing, it’s understandable if you have the hots for one or more of the players on BC’s mega-awesome-superfantabulous dream team. Just once more for emphasis, BC hockey is killing it this year. Go Eagles! Anyway, if you are especially attracted to these athletes, you are most likely adventurous, and have a little bit of wildness in your blood. The fast-paced and occasionally violent nature of the action in the rink doesn’t faze you. In fact, it excites you. You were probably raised somewhere cold, most likely New England, and think that hockey is the best thing since sliced bread.

The basketball player 

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Mary Yuengert / Gavel Media

You are tall. And when I say tall, I mean like six feet or over. If you are into basketball players, you probably also idolize skyscrapers and giraffes. Just kidding. But seriously, the taller the better in your opinion. That’s really it. You like ‘em tall.

The tennis player 

You most likely grew up summering in the Hamptons, wearing Vineyard Vines and sipping sparkling water. In short, you’re one preppy guy or gal. Those into tennis players are just the teensiest bit high strung, but it’s only because you have very specific needs that aren’t being met most of the time. Sigh. The world is just conspiring against you, and the proof is in your incorrectly spelled name on your Starbucks cup.

The lacrosse player 

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Mary Yuengert / Gavel Media

While there is no men’s varsity lacrosse team at BC,  there is a pretty good-looking club one, along with women’s varsity and club teams. Perhaps you find yourself drawn to them. If so, you are almost definitely low-key and chill. You enjoy doing everything and nothing, from chilling on the grass on a sunny day to hiking to enjoying a certain herbal remedy. If you’re into a lacrosse player you definitely go with the flow and love to have a good time.

The soccer player

You take pleasure in being the typical All-American boy or girl, and you might be a typical type-A personality, but you love to laugh and smile. You appreciate stamina on, and off, the field. While it may seem as if you only appreciate soccer players purely because of their good looks and toned bodies, soccer players also exude a certain casual ease as they go through life that you can’t help but be attracted to. You are chill, but you’re not lax bro chill. You enjoy every aspect of life to the fullest and don’t let anything faze you for too long.

The fencer

After witnessing their lightning fast reflexes at fencing practice while idly cycling your legs on the elliptical at the Plex, maybe you’ve developed a bit of a thing for members of the fencing team. You are quirky, funny and appreciate a good back-and-forth (get it?). You take pleasure in spurning conventions and going outside the norm, and fencing is definitely outside the norm.

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