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Digesting BC's Historic Upset of No. 1 Syracuse


...The interminable storyline ended last night in one of the biggest upsets in BC history.

We got to the top of the hill and we finally made it over. We were the better team for an entire half, and overtime, and the results finally showed it.

The headlines go on, let it marinate.

Then come back to earth.  At 3-10 in the ACC, there is still much work to be done.  But last night was indeed a glimpse into this team’s potential.  Like I said in a previous article, this is the kind of team that could get hot at the right time and turn a lot of heads come the end of the season.

The end of the season is coming and its time to get hot.

Olivier Hanlan scored 20 points in BC's upset of 'Cuse. Mary Yuengert / Gavel Media

Olivier Hanlan scored 20 points in BC's upset of 'Cuse. Mary Yuengert / Gavel Media

Last night, after a cold first half in which they were just able to hang on, BC controlled the pace of the game for 25 minutes straight.  They stood toe to toe with the number one team in the nation and did not blink.  This was not the first time we took Syracuse to the brink, but something was different this time.  You could tell that the players trusted each other to make good decisions and that each one bought into Donahue’s strategy to milk the clock, holding the ball until almost the end of the shot clock every possession.

That is what it will take for this team to turn it around: trust on every level.  Trust in each other to leave everything on the floor, trust in the

coaches to put them in the best position to win and trust in the fans to be there for them.  Too often has the student section in Conte been near extinction this season and too often have people written this team off.

If last night did not convince you then perhaps the heart-felt words of a coach who not only understands his predicament, but also truly believes in what he is doing will.

Here is Coach Donahue, prompted to give a speech in front of the faithful who welcomed the team home last night and stormed the Power Gym to celebrate:

Coach Donahue's Post-Game Speech to the Fans

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