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Opinion: Tracking Expectations with BC Hockey

“I don’t care about losing in football or basketball; all I care about is that our hockey team wins.”

If you’re a Boston College student, then you’ve most likely heard this statement before. In fact, you’ve more than likely said it yourself a few times.

Here at BC, we take our hockey seriously. We’re sucked up into the hockey culture before we even commit to BC, with most tour guides and outreach programs boasting about how good the team is. Students, parents, and teachers all make cracks about the football program, and even more so about the basketball program. But, when it comes to hockey, its almost blasphemous to speak out against the team. The players, along with their revered coach, Jerry York, are the flagship program of BC, and are treated as such.

In short, the BC Hockey team is killing it this year: They’re currently ranked as the best team in the country, with a 24-4-3 record, and they even managed to secure the Beanpot trophy for the fifth year in a row. Based on their performance thus far, BC is expected to win the NCAA Championship as well, which brings up an interesting question:

Are we expecting too much from the hockey team?

Sure, they’re good. In fact, they’re more than good--they’re excellent. They’ve won 16 straight games in a row, and haven’t lost since November. Scoring 167 goals in just 30 games, and only letting in 67, the Eagles outrank their opponents in every category. The forward line made up of Gaudreau, Hayes and Arnold seems to be something out of a legend.

When asked what they’re expecting from the hockey team, most BC students have the same answer: They’re expecting a national championship. Most students admit that, if the team gets anything less than the first place, they would be pretty disappointed, or at least surprised. Do we have the right to expect nothing less than to win the Big Dance of College Hockey?

It’s important to remember that, while the hockey team is made up of a lot of talented players, these guys are just college students. They aren’t professional athletes (at least not yet); they are regular guys, who live in the same dorms, eat at the same dining halls and take the same classes.

It’s certainly not out the question to expect nothing but the best from the BC team. They’ve demonstrated that they can play against anyone, anywhere, and can score a copious amount of goals. Be honest with yourself: What do you expect?

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