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10 Experiences Only BC Students Will Understand

Throughout high school, you constantly heard about the “college experience.” Parties, football games, and concerts seemed enticing, but there is a lot more than that to take part in at Boston College. No, this is not some subliminal advertisement in the midst of college-decision season that the admissions department asked for. This is a list of experiences, good and bad, that can only be had as a student at BC.

1. Sieve chant:

A sieve can be described as a pan with a wire mesh bottom meant to separate coarse objects from finer material. For a goalie to be called a sieve, he too must be letting objects through holes. This alone is a huge insult to the goalie, but to kick a dog while he is down, the goalie must be called out by name and brutally reminded that it is all his fault.

2. Being thrown in the crowd at a football game (or throwing):

Selly Sallah / Gavel Media

Selly Sallah / Gavel Media

The students tossed up from the crowd after a touchdown at a football game can only be compared to flying popcorn kernels. For those who have experienced it from the air, it is both a terrifying and exhilarating experience. The key is to trust your peers (even if they are standing on shaky bleachers, slightly sidetracked at the time) because once you are swept off your feet there is no escape.

3. Partying in the Mods:

We have all been there. The bouncer at a Mod door lets you in and you dive headfirst into a pool of sweaty grossness. You pretend to find something in common with a complete stranger, scope out the least filthy cup and dance to songs that you have never heard of before. As awful as it sounds, you can honestly say that you had a good time. God forbid you have to go to the bathroom because you will wait in that line for roughly thirty to forty-five minutes.

4. Climbing the Million Dollar Stairs:

Julia Keefe / Gavel Media

Julia Keefe / Gavel Media

Photographs of the million dollar stairs litter admissions pamphlets and Google images, but looking at pictures of these “beautiful” stairs and taking them on for yourself are two completely different tasks. Many students are dedicated to avoiding the stairs at all cost, relying completely on the Maloney and garage elevators. Others are avid stair-climbers, believing in their hearts that they are bettering themselves through this small burden. Either way, the stairs are a feat that every BC student looks toward with dread.

5. Waiting in line at Lower:

For those who are smart enough to show up at any time other than rush hour, the Lower lines do not seem like the worst thing in the world. When you show up around seven though, you are simply asking to waste time and energy. You can certainly make the most of the situation by catching up with those whom you have not seen in ages or you can bitterly swipe a grab-and-go meal and accept the disappointment.

6. The Saturday night Comm Ave. bus:

It is like a scene straight out of a horror movie. The bus rolls to a stop at the dirty, grey slush-covered curb. The eerie, dim light at the bus stop gives a flicker and an empty beer can rolls by in the crisp breeze. As the doors open, a heavy layer of steam billows out at you, too dense to see what is beyond it. Suddenly a stampede of sweaty college students floods out at you, and as you step onto the bus you are slapped in the face by a thick smell of beer and body odor.

7. “Gassongramming”:

BIlly Foshay / Gavel Media

BIlly Foshay / Gavel Media

Every BC student has a classic high school graduation pic, family photo, food porn shot, and best friend birthday throwback in their Instagram portfolio. Upon matriculating to BC freshman year, a special photo known as a “Gassongram” is added to this list. For many, the photo is quickly thrown up with a #howdoigohere or #socollege, while others take their time trying to find the perfect shot within the span of their first few months. Though often thought of as unoriginal, some students are able to put a fun twist on the photo, and it is a right of passage to call one of your own.

8. Housing:

The nightmare known as housing is more stressful than the worst of midterms. Friendships are ruined left and right this time of year. The anxious wait to find out whether or not your group gets a pick time is an extremely nerve-wracking process. The only thing worse is the scramble to re-organize your entire group and pick up a few “randos” as soon as you don’t get the time that you hoped for, and there is nothing as disheartening as finding out that you have been exiled to an unfortunate housing situation.

9. Late Night:

Whether you are a mozz sticks kid or you are willing to wait in line for your steak and cheese, (which the New York Times wrote an article about in 2011) Late Night is a solid close to any weekend. Most students have the menu memorized, and there is certainly something for everyone.

10. Marathon Monday:

Christie Merino / Gavel Media

Christie Merino / Gavel Media

Every BC student knows that there is nothing like Marathon Monday. Class schedules, work schedules and sometimes even housing arrangements are chosen based on this particular holiday. It is a day that can only be compared to Christmas, Spring Break and the first day of summer vacation added together. Sadly, Marathon Monday only comes around once per year, but this fact gives students a great appreciation for the day when it finally does come. Joining together to celebrate the hard work of thousands of dedicated runners is an experience unlike any other.

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