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The Holy War or the Battle of Comm. Ave?

We hate losing to BU and Notre Dame. But what team do we have a bigger rivalry with?

Notre Dame is the older brother that always claims to be better than us. Saying that we are a “backup college” and “barely catholic," Notre Dame prides themselves in thinking they are better than BC. Claiming to be the most well-known Catholic University with the best performing athletic department in the country, Notre Dame thinks we just aren’t good enough for the pot of gold.

On the other hand, the BU rivalry is the central focus of every hockey season. We accumulate our gold pass points for the BU vs. BC hockey game and the Beanpot Tournament. Beating BU is essential to the hockey season. We love to make chants showing our superiority and their lack of many essential aspects of a college experience. No football, no campus, no hockey wins this year, no fun?

When you look at it, our only commonalities are Commonwealth Avenue and hockey. Other than normally being the top teams in the Hockey East, BC and BU are completely different athletic schools. For every other sport, BC is in the high powered ACC, BU is in the much weaker Patriot league. The sports culture is just not the same. Yet, with BU only 4.3 miles away from Boston College our proximity breeds animosity.

The more typical BC/BU interactions.

The more typical BC/BU interactions.

Since 1918, BC has played BU 265 times in hockey. Competing on the ice twice or three times a season keeps the rivalry in mind all winter long. With two of the most storied hockey programs in the country, it is often a battle between the two best hockey teams in the country.

For the local Massachusetts students, the Battle of the Green Line, the Battle of Boston, the Battle of the B-Line or more simply, the BU rivalry, matters. However for the rest of BC’s students who come from around the country, the BU rivalry is artificially imposed when you enter the Heights. Many students have never even seen a hockey game before coming to BC.

Rivalries don’t just start when you get to campus. They start when you are born. Think about Alabama and Auburn or Michigan and Michigan State. You are grown up to believe one team is better than the other and never under any circumstances do you change your mind.

The Boston College-Notre Dame rivalry is like that.

The Holy War is more than just a matchup between Notre Dame and Boston College. It is a fight over claiming to be the best Catholic school in the country. It is a fight involving many different sports. For many, it is a fight that divides your family.

Like any major rivalry, the Notre Dame and Boston College rivalry is universally known and valued. There is a reason many students claim that road tripping to South Bend for a BC vs. ND football game is a highlight of their college experience.

Over the years, this battle is hotly contested in football and hockey. Boston College historically edges out Notre Dame in hockey, but the opposite is true in football. Despite the fact that Notre Dame has beaten us in the past four football games, Boston College had a six game winning streak in the early 2000s. The next football game is scheduled to be at Fenway Park in 2015.

The Holy War continues this Saturday, March 1, at Kelley Rink. No. 15 Notre Dame and No. 1 BC will face off for the second time this season in hockey. BC barely edged out Notre Dame at Frozen Fenway in early January, winning 4-3.

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