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BC Splash

Splash is a program that takes place on campuses nationwide in which undergraduate and graduate students teach a variety of courses to interested high school students. “Teachers” are given the freedom to create their own course and material, and can teach about virtually anything. The goal of Splash is to broaden the academic horizons of high school students while giving college students the opportunity to hone their public speaking skills and teach material they are passionate about – 100% free of charge!

At Boston College, Splash is run by an executive board of 16 students. This board, requiring very minimal faculty assistance, is responsible for facilitating the program. Once per semester between 300 and 1,000 high school students are immersed in the college environment and taught by approximately 100 BC students. Splash classes offer a unique blend of academics and creativity, two areas in which BC students tend to excel. Past courses have included Surviving College 101, How to be a DJ, The Hunger Games as a Cultural Artifact and even How to be Awkward. Even more unique than the classes are the students who take them, as BC Splash is open to all high school students in the area, regardless of race, ethnicity, grades or high school involvement.

Annie Meyer, A&S '14 and Abby Horgan, A&S '15, the BC Splash co-directors, each commented on their favorite aspects of the event. Meyer enjoys seeing the Splash team work hard during the final preparations for the event, which start before sun up on the day of classes, and seeing the diverse group of motivated students arrive on campus eager to learn from members of our BC community. Horgan, on the other hand, welcomes the end of the day, when the E-board can finally relax and relish in the reward of seeing the entire event come together smoothly.

This spring BC Splash will take place on Sunday, April 6. Registration is open to all BC students interested in teaching or co-teaching a Splash until Feb. 28. No prior experience is necessary and the time commitment is low – requiring less than one hour of training plus the time it takes to prepare and teach your class (which can be as short as 50 minutes)! Those who are not interested in teaching but still want to interact with the participating high school students can volunteer to be Splash leaders­­–the guiding forces for the students as they go about their day. Volunteers are also needed to help with scheduling, decorations, logistics and other behind-the-scenes coordination.

To teach a class, volunteer or find out more information about BC Splash, visit their website, check out their Facebook page or email

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