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The Most Distracting Spots On Campus

It’s a Monday afternoon. It’s sunny, it isn’t snowing and it’s 45 degrees outside. It’s a beautiful day and all you want to do is bathe in the sun. But, wait… You have that history paper due on Friday that you promised yourself you would finish today so you could go out tomorrow. You weigh your options: You can either play around all day and leave the essay for tomorrow or you can pick the perfect study spot, get your work done, and go out Thursday night. Once you’ve decided that you want to get your essay done, you face the most difficult decision of all: Where should you study?

Bapst is way too serious—it’s neither midterms nor finals and you aren’t trying to pull an all-nighter here. Fourth floor O’Neill is an option, but you also don’t want to be all alone in a cubicle on this beautiful day. So you settle for a less serious, more social setting… In other words, distracting. Here’s a list of the five most distracting spots on campus where you always attempt to do your work, even though it never really works out:

No, thank you. Image Courtesy of Boston College Facebook

No, thank you.
Photo courtesy of Boston College/Facebook

1. Third Floor O’Neill

You’re obviously serious about your paper if you’re choosing to study IN the library. But third floor O’Neill is anything but quiet. The printers are constantly in use and people are always using the stacks for “group study.” If one of these isn’t the problem, then you’re probably just wandering around with your backpack trying to pick the perfect spot—of course, stopping to socialize with some friends along the way.

Image Courtesy of

Photo courtesy of Boston College

2. First Floor O’Neill

The third floor didn’t work out for you so you’re deciding to make the move to the first floor; you don’t want to stray too far away. Unfortunately, you encounter the same problems and more… Aside from the printers and “group study,” people are constantly coming down to the vending machine for a break—one that consists of a water bottle, a Twix chocolate bar and chatting it up with friends. You also are constantly disrupted by all the people walking in and out of O’Neill from Maloney.

3. Walsh Lounge

For all the sophomores, as you know, Walsh lounge is either a hit or a miss. It’s a reunion of your whole class in one room so it usually turns into social hour. Also, have you seen the view from the windows? Looks like #instagram time to me.

4. The Chocolate Bar

A close second to Hillside, the Chocolate Bar is one of a kind. You have the option between sitting at a table or at one of those comfy couch seats. But it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find a place to sit and, when you do, you’re constantly hearing, “White Mocha for Caroline” or “Iced Coffee for John.” So, naturally, you get up and go order one yourself. About that paper…

5. Hillside

Image Courtesy of

Photo courtesy of Boston College

Potentially the most distracting spot on campus. At first, doing work here seems like a great idea because if you need a break to get some food, you only have to walk two feet. But no… You’re either too preoccupied with who is coming in and out of Hillside or you’re busy trying to avoid that guy or girl you hooked up with last weekend who is currently buying a cookie. And it doesn’t end there—you suddenly remember that there’s an event at Arc tomorrow and you need to buy a ticket for it! Luckily, they’re selling tickets right in Hillside. Lucky you.

And there you have it! The most distracting spots to study on campus. If you really want to get that essay done before tomorrow night, then you probably should just hit Bapst from the start.