Survival Guide: The Week Before Spring Break

As most BC students know (or will soon find out), the last week of classes before spring break is always a chaotic one, consisting of tests, quizzes, and papers galore. Try some of these tips to help you power through to the sweet freedom that will be Friday afternoon.

1.  Plan out all the fun activities you are going to do over break. Having a schedule of all your break events planned out ahead of time will give you something to look forward to other than that midterm on Friday.

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2. Change your desktop background/lock screen to a tropical scene. If you’re jetting off to an exotic locale for spring break, trying setting your technology backgrounds to a photo of your destination as motivation. If you’re like me and your break will consist of Netflix and your couch, the tropical background will at least serve to remind you that summer is less than three months away.


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3.  If you’re over 21, have a wine night. After a long night of being chained to your books in Bapst, de-stress with a bottle of Moscato as a celebration (albeit tame) of thirsty Thursday. Enough said.

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Photo courtesy of Tumblr

4. Sample a different Hillside sandwich each day. Hillside is a campus dining experience greater than any other because of its delicious specialty sandwich and burger selection. Shell out those coveted Residential Dining Bucks, because you totally deserve to splurge this week.

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5. Manage your time wisely. Although it’s always tempting to adopt a “nap now, study later” mindset, you’ll thank yourself later if you don’t. Try writing down all your assignments and deadlines for the week, then budgeting your days so that it will all be done on time. This should ensureacademic success, as well as still allow you a little leisure time.

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6. Get moving… at least a little bit. Break the monotonous “class, library, dinner, bed” routine with some light exercise. Even just walking to Dunkin’ Donuts or circling the track at the Plex will increase your energy and leave you feeling better prepared to tackle that mountain of schoolwork.

7.   Treat yourself. Eating a healthy diet will help keep you on top of your academic game all year long. But, during the week before break, indulgence is both acceptable and encouraged, whether it is in the form of a White Mountain date with friends or a venti Caramel Flan Frappucino from Starbucks. In the immortal words of Tom Haverford & Donna Meagle…

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