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The 7 Deadly Sins That All BC Students Commit

Part of the college experience involves making mistakes. Actually, that’s a part of life experience. But while in college the screwing up tends to come at a lower cost and an increased benefit. It is said that by the end of college, you will have learned more about yourself than you knew coming in, but not without trial and error. At BC, certain errors tend to recur more frequently than others. Old Christian teaching details seven deadly sins that continuously reappear within human interaction. Here is a look at those same sins, updated and adjusted BC-style.

1. Lust:

Most frequently identified in the mods, lust runs rampant every weekend at BC. Sweaty, dark rooms and off-campus basements provide the perfect cover for anonymity, so one can engage in lustful activities without fear of being identified or caught in the act. Knowing the person you are getting intimate with comes second to the act and instant gratification is the name of the game. Especially when you add alcohol to the mix. Relationships tend to fall to the wayside during the first few years of school because a) why limit your options and b) why put in the effort. The hookup culture allows one to release his or her inhibitions and give in to desire, and only sometimes do feelings of regret and confusion follow the morning after.

2. Gluttony:

Two words: Late Night. Gluttony BC-style is indulging in both chicken fingers and mozz sticks on a Saturday night, even though you really aren’t hungry. And how is one supposed to resist the delicious array of freshly baked goods that magically appear in Mac and Lower every morning? If you are on a meal plan you may find yourself making multiple trips to the dining halls in between meals, and worrying about your quickly depleting funds. If you’re not on a meal plan, you might resort to desperately begging the more fortunate for use of their cards. When in doubt, there’s always Ramen and Easy Mac. All you have to do is add water and heat it up for your delicious, cheesy dreams come true.

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Anthony M Golden / Gavel Media

3. Greed:

Remember reading The Clique books back in middle school? Claire shows up to her new school wearing clothes from the Gap, and it takes about 5 seconds for Massie Block to let her know that the Gap is not on the list of acceptable brands in Westchester. Similarly, upon entering BC, you get smacked in the face with a wall of Patagonias, Vineyard Vines apparel and Bean Boots. And now you want it all too. No, you need it all. So what that you already have a purple Patagonia fleece? You still need a black Northface, green Hunter rain boots and probably a BC-embroidered Vineyard Vines pullover.

Oh, and you also want the best schedule, the best housing all four years, the best GPA, the best internships and you make no apologies for whatever happens to those standing in your way.

4. Sloth:

What else would you expect from students who are forced to walk up a staircase called the “million dollar stairs” everyday? That kind of torture fosters serious dread, and that dread becomes reluctance to ever walk up steps again. And if you want to avoid stairs on campus, you can’t really leave your dorm room. And if you’re not leaving your room, why leave your bed? Netflix plus blankets plus pillows equals happiness.

Anthony M Golden / Gavel Media

Anthony M Golden / Gavel Media

5. Wrath:

Outbreaks of wrath are commonly seen among BC students when certain circumstances occur, like when there are no open machines at the Plex, or when the lines at The Eagles Nest run past the entrance. You just wanted a Baja Panini, but not at the cost of a half hour wait! *cue meltdown*.

The most notorious case of wrath on campus occurs during a certain week in March when students must divide themselves into groups of six or eight and participate in a selection process comparable to the Hunger Games.  Also known as housing. Nothing brings out the wrath in all of us more than the competitive brutality of housing. And there is nothing more terrifying than a girl or guy scorned in the process.

6. Envy:

You would be hard-pressed to find a college campus as packed with good-looking, wealthy and smart people as BC. But the problem is, with so much apparent perfection going around, it’s almost impossible not to be envious.  We all have our “girl crush” or “man crush.” The girl or guy who seems to strike that perfect balance between doing work and going out, and also finds time to serve at the local food kitchen and hit the plex daily. Facebook and Instagram certainly don’t help. How are you supposed to avoid envy when people present their lives with a filter?

“BC perfect” is definitely a real phenomenon; but whether it’s ever been attained or not is quite a different story.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

7. Pride:

Here at BC, pride for our Eagles is something we really cherish. We have a number one hockey team and are ranked 31 in the country in U.S. News’ Best Colleges list. We bleed maroon and gold. But there’s a fine line between righteous pride and arrogance.  A sense of entitlement can take root, not only because of our position at BC, but also because of what we perceive is our position within the BC community.

It’s true that high school came with an embedded social hierarchy, but college does not. Everyone got into BC on merit, and we are all part of a united and exceptionally capable student body. Pride in our school is the only pride I cannot condemn because, truly, there’s no better feeling than being a part of Boston College.

Photo Courtesy of PS Swstyles / Pinterest

Photo courtesy of PS Swstyles / Pinterest

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