What Your Favorite Study Spot Says About You

After a full week of midterms in an attempt to make students crave spring break even more, you've probably spent the majority of the past seven days in one specific study spot on campus. It has become your second home, and for those hardcore studiers out there, perhaps you even moved in temporarily. But the question remains: What made you choose that specific place? Was it the soothing atmosphere, the proximity to caffeine and snacks or the temptations to procrastinate and chat with friends? With spring break finally upon you, take some time to reflect on your choices and make sure that for the next round of tests and papers, you are choosing a place that speaks to who you really are.

O’Neill 3rd floor

You probably own a Jansport, Bean boots, a North Face or all three. You fit into most Boston College stereotypes pretty easily. You like to think of yourself as original and you have tried being a vegetarian and learning to sing the alphabet backward just to be unique . You are certainly a people person, and though you are not actively trying to run into friends, you are always open to distraction.


O’Neill 1st floor

You are serious about what you are studying, but you are more serious about your snacks. Part of the reason you study here is easy access to the vending machine, but when your Eagle Bucks are low, you are willing to bring food from your room or Lower with you. You look to the Million Dollar Stairs with disgust, but you enjoy both the Maloney elevators and seldom trips to the Plex. You prefer not to have your studying interrupted, and you stress too much over midterms. You are constantly thinking about the future and what is in store for you.


The Chocolate Bar

You’re a coffee addict. From opening day at The Chocolate Bar, you were sold. Though you love Starbucks, you are not willing to leave campus and you prefer to spend Eagle Bucks over cash. You feel like this is the only place you can have your caffeine fix satisfied. Coffee isn’t the only reason you come here, though. You are an avid people-watcher. Your people-watching skills go way back, but they were truly cultivated in your late high school and early college years. You aren’t afraid to admit to this hobby, so you often take pride in being an “observant” person.



You never leave your room without your laptop and headphones. You have a subscription to Netflix or Amazon Instant. You are a visual learner, but you are also good at memorizing facts when you need to. You hate temperature extremes and love the sun, which is why spring is your favorite season (you don’t mind a little rain now and then). You mostly come for the comfy chairs and bright lighting in the CTRC.


Fulton Honors Library

You are generally a high-anxiety person. You keep your laptop charged most of the time so that you don’t have to worry about it dying, even though you always carry your charger with you. You are good at multitasking, so you often have multiple windows pertaining to different subjects open on your computer. You enjoy reading, but you rarely have time to read the books that you want to read. You also prefer to study with a friend (though you would rather not talk while studying).


In your bed

You get along with your roommates and are willing to talk with them while you work, but you would rather not deal with anyone else. You love your sweatpants, and you have a favorite pillow and blanket. Your biggest problem is that you often have a hard time not falling asleep. You like to go on adventures on the weekends, whether at on-campus events or somewhere in the city. You often miss your family and life at home, but you do not usually get overly homesick. If you are a girl, you often fill online shopping carts with cute clothes and don’t end up buying any of them. If you are a guy, you have a favorite video game, but you work hard to resist playing it.


Dining Halls

If you have the concentration to sit in a dining hall during rush hour, it says a lot about your ability to concentrate. To blur out the background noise and really get in the zone may take a lot of effort, but once you are there, you kill it. You pound through your work, so when you leave you feel very accomplished and highly productive. Those who have not met you do not always see you as approachable, but once someone gets to know you, they realize there is a lot more to you than meets the eye. You are known for being a pretty casual person among your friends, and they often turn to you for advice.


Amanda Ikard / Gavel Media


There are two distinct types of people who study in Bapst. First, there is the religious Bapst-attendee. Since your Bapst-ism, whether you were a Bapst-goer from freshman year or a recent convert, you know what you want. You are all about keeping organized and you wash your sheets regularly. You have a low tolerance for the lines in the dining hall, but it is ok because you are usually there at obscure hours anyway. You have become accustomed to facing whatever the New England weather has to offer. The second type of Bapst student comes much less frequently. You come a few times a semester, but when you come, you really crack down. You are a busy person, and you often find it hard to keep up. You are a bit intimidated by Bapst and the regulars there, but you walk in with high hopes of a good grade.



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