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A Love Letter to my Roommates

Dear foolish inhabitants of Gate Stayer 218,

Let me start by saying I hate all of you. Living with seven other guys is already a strain, but when the seven guys are loud, obnoxious, and annoying to the point where you can’t even watch TV in peace, it’s not easy to like you guys.

But the truth is, while I hate you guys (I don’t actually), I love each of you. Living in an eight man can be frustrating when it comes to cleaning, having peace of mind, or just space in general, you guys make it manageable. Any time I walk into the room and people are there, I know that some recklessness and comedy is about to take place. Walking into the room when no one is around is extremely taboo. I know I mentioned peace and quiet, but having that in our room is just not normal, which is why I'm so glad to have you all back after spring break.

The Direct Roommate

To John: You’ve been an awesome direct this year. While you are a sophomore, the room never ceases to make fun of me for being the young one even though I’m a junior, and begging me to “get my age up.” But aside from that, you are understanding, wise, and can make me laugh way too much. I’m so happy you’re on VIP with me 'cause not only do I have someone to walk with to practice and back, but someone to stay up and do work with.

The Reluctant Friend

To David: Not only are you my go-to Dunkin Donuts partner, but also I know you can keep it real with me about anything. I know you say you hate us, but I love you like a brother so deal with it.

The Elder 

To Mike: I was already a loud person, but living with you has increased my loudness ten fold. You always question why my laugh is so loud, but I think half of the blame rests on being around you and your loud voice. I know to hit you up when I want to order New Hong Kong, but I also look at you as the older brother since you are the oldest in the room. Don’t worry, I’ll be 21 soon…209 days left.

The Talker

To Gaetan, aka my future direct roommate: I know that staying up 'til three in the morning not doing work and just talking about Boston College, our lives, ways in which we want to contribute to society and what not isn’t good when it comes to finishing work, but I love those conversations. I think since we’ll be directs next year, 3 a.m. conversations will be more like 1 a.m., but I’m excited to be rooming with you directly next year. Not excited about helping DJ Civil with the DJ equipment though…just kidding.

The Gamer 

To Hien, aka my first roommate at BC: You’ve been there since freshmen year and nowadays, anytime you come into the room, we say hi with a question: FIFA? Even though I always lose, it’s a good break from everything at BC by just kicking back and playing a game with one of my closest friends here.

The Parent

To Anthony: We go back to Walsh 121 with being directs. You keep everyone in check in terms of the room and you’re also one of the funniest and most caring dudes at BC. Can’t wait for our third year living together next year!

The Party 

Last but not least, Trey. You always keep the room lively by playing music, and I hope the Redskins and Giants can pick their game up next season so we can go at each other again about which team is better. Go Big Blue!

Studies may say roommate assignments can affect academics and health, but in my case, I don’t think it’s true. Sure, I may be up late from talking too much and fooling around too much with you guys, and I may have to go to the Plex more than normal because of New Hong Kong and our weekend endeavors, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Any of it.


Francisco Bernard

P.S. Pronounce my middle name correctly please. It's not Eugene.

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