10 Questions BC Students Are So Over Getting Asked

Attending a prestigious university like Boston College is an experience unlike any other. From the moment we decided to send in our acceptance checks, we were met with a flurry of nervousness, excitement and questions. Questions from other people.  Whether you have attended Boston College for four months or four years, you are bound to have encountered these questions in response to the proud statement we’ve all said a million times, “I go to BC."

Screenshot by Itzel Ayala

Screenshot by Itzel Ayala

1. “Oh, like BU?”

No. Like BC. Like Boston College. If I went to Boston University, I would have said so. That question is offensive and appalling and I don’t think we should be friends anymore.

2. “You must go to like allllll the hockey games, right?”

If you really like hockey, then yes, you probably go to all of the games. If you moderately like hockey, you have gone to some of the games. If you don’t like hockey at all, you probably went to one or two games freshman year because you didn’t have better plans. Going to BC doesn’t automatically mean you go to hockey games. Silly.

Selly Sallah / Gavel Media

Selly Sallah / Gavel Media

3. “Do you have to go to church?”

This question is so strange to me. Just because Boston College is a Jesuit Catholic university does not mean that it forces students to attend a service for a religion with which they may not associate. BC accepts students of other religions and faiths. True story.

4. “Do you have nuns for professors still?”

What century are you in?

 5. “How did you get in?”

That is, like, really rude. If you ever want to backhandedly insult 18-year-olds, make sure you ask them how they got into college and why their hair is so weird.

6. “Are you super pro-Dunkin' now?”

You are such a weirdo. Attending a northern university does not automatically change my coffee preferences. Moving away from my house with a Starbucks down the street was the hardest breakup I have ever been through. I took up the mantle and drank Dunkin' Donuts because I had to. Granted, everyone has his or her favorite coffee shop and yours might be Dunks and that’s totally okay and I don’t judge you at all.

7. “Oooh you must go to Mary Ann’s all the time.”

That was not a question. But yes, going to MA’s is a ton of fun and I enjoy going there occasionally. If you are asking freshmen, however, they probably do not frequent Mary Ann’s, so this question is sort of rubbing it in their tiny face that they are not 21 yet.

Amanda Ikard / Gavel Media

Amanda Ikard / Gavel Media

8. “Do you LOVE IT?!”

I have always hated this question. First, you skipped over the “like” part. Second, what answer do you really expect? Even if you don’t LOVE your school, you probably won’t delve into all of the reasons your school falls short to a person you obviously aren’t that close with. If you didn’t love it, you would transfer.

9. “Is it really hard?”/”Do you not have a social life?”

These questions sort of go hand-in-hand, and they always throw me off a little bit. Boston College is a great school for many reasons, but it’s not even an Ivy League. If those kids have time to party, why in the world wouldn’t we? Our workload is difficult, but we know how to balance work and leisure. We’re smart, remember?

10. “Where is that?”


Tori Fisher / Gavel Media

Tori Fisher / Gavel Media