A Born and Raised Bostonian at Boston College: Pros & Cons

I remember toward the end of my high school experience, the most common thing people asked me was,“Where do you want to go to college?” My answer to that question was always the same. I’d think about the current fights I’d been getting in with my father, usually a power struggle, usually his fault, usually me being completely innocent. And I’d think about the cold weather that comes with the winter, usually pretty for a day, usually making me sick within a week. And I’d think about my bird back home, always waking me up with its incessant squawks. Then I’d turn to whoever was asking the question, and I’d tell them I wanted to be far far away from home. That, or kill my bird.

Ironically, I ended up 20 minutes from home. And so I present to you some pros and cons on what it’s like going to college as a local. Also, I buried the bird in our backyard.

Pro: I live close to home.

Con: I live close to home.


Photo courtesy of home sweet home/Tumblr

Pro: Packing for college wasn’t too stressful.

Con: I left my pants at home.


Pro: I came already assimilated into the Sperry way of life.

Con: I need more Sperrys.

Image via bruins22 tumblr

Photo courtesy of bruins22/Tumblr


Pro: When my family dropped me off they didn’t seem upset.

Con: My family doesn’t miss me.


Pro: I can go home to relax whenever I want.

Con: My family got another bird.


Pro: I can always kill this bird as well.

Con: They’ll buy another one.


Pro: In the winter a lot of birds leave the area.

Con: I hate the winter.


Pro: Unlike my Californian roommate, I’m used to the cold weather.

Con: It still sucks.


Pro: The Red Sox just won the World Cup.

Con: I know nothing about baseball.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Pro: The Patriots are usually good.

Con: I know nothing about football.


Pro: The Celtics are usually good.

Con: I know nothing about basketball.


Pro: I love soccer.

Con: The New England Revolution.


Pro: If I were into these sports, I’d know how to get to games by the T.

Con: I’d have to get into these sports first.

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Photo courtesy of grainy16mm/Tumblr


Pro: During the first month of school, I didn’t fall on the train every time it started.

Con: Everyone else did and I didn’t fit in.


Pro: I know the area fairly well.

Con: People assume I know about every event in Boston.


Pro: I can usually give people directions to said events.

Con: I don’t even know what the “Balkan Music Night” is, let alone where it is.


Pro: I know a lot of good restaurants in the area.

Con: I don’t have money.

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I can only afford Chipotle.
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Pro: I know some great places I can take Jessica Alba on our first date.

Con: My ex was there with Smeagol from The Lord of The Rings.


Pro: Jess didn’t notice the glares from the Smeagol table.

Con: Smeagol makes me uncomfortable.


Pro: I don’t have a Boston accent.

Con: People expect me to.


Pro: I have lots of friends at colleges in the area.

Con: They always try to come here to party.


Pro: There are lots of fun parties at colleges in the area.

Con: My friends don’t invite me.

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Photo courtesy of overtherainboy-wayuphigh/Tumblr


Pro: During spring break I can go to parties at friends’ colleges.

Con: They still didn’t invite me.


Pro: For spring break I got to go back home.

Con: Cambridge isn’t in the Bahamas.


Pro: I got to move back to BC quickly.

Con: No one was back yet.


Pro: I didn’t get a sunburn over break.

Con: I didn’t go outside over break.


Pro: My mom comes to say "hi "unannounced on Saturday mornings.

Con: She accuses me of being hungover when I’m not awake.


Pro: I convince her I’m not hungover.

Con: I’m hungover.


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Pro: Packing up for the summer won’t be stressful.

Con: I’ll forget my pants again.