March Madness 2014 Pick 'Ems

Welcome to the Gavel's March Madness Pick 'Ems! The heads of the sports section have all assembled their best attempts at correctly guessing the nation's most watched sporting tournament event. While there likely aren't any future millionaires among us, our streaks of hubris run deep and no one's going down without a fight. So, without further ado, here are the brackets put together by our associate editors Bill Stoll, Frankie Bernard, Jack Davis and myself. Feel free to drop us a comment below and voice your opinion!

Frankie Bernard, Assoc. Sports Editor

Am I the only bracket to have two No. 1 teams in the final four? I hope not, but Florida and Virginia are arguably the two best teams entering the NCAA Tournament. Marring some catastrophic injuries, I can't see VCU or Ohio State pulling off the big upset we are awaiting against Florida.

Wichita State got the cold shoulder treatment from the committee and will have to square up against defending champs, Louisville, which will knock them out of the tourney. Arizona will make it far, but I have a feeling Wisconsin will pull it off against Arizona.

In the end, my bracket doesn't have any huge upsets occurring, but it does have this: Louisville will win back-to-back National Championships.


Jack Davis, Assoc. Sports Editor

This year, I am pretty much flipping a coin with every matchup apart from a couple of the top seeds. First off, I think UVA will be champs because they have just won the ACC title, which they have not won in 38 years I believe. The championship was also against Duke. I am calling that Gonzaga is going to the Sweet 16 because I live in Gonzaga 4 and I have faith. Next, I predict that Duke will lose another first round game, this year to the 14th seed Mercer.

Why? Because I hate Duke.

Lastly, I think that UCONN will make it to the Elite Eight because I heard someone talking about it in line for Ana at Eagle's Nest.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 1.54.32 PM

Jake Miller, Sports Editor

I'll be the first to admit that I have as much knowledge of college basketball as a dead octopus, but I'm pretty happy with how my bracket turned out. I've seen Villanova play and I think they're good enough to come out of the East. While Oklahoma is a deep team, their path to the championship is much harder than anyone else's, and I see Wisconsin picking them off at the very end. I have Syracuse advancing past Villanova to make it to Texas, but I ultimately believe that whoever comes out of the absolute dogfight that'll ensue between the West and Midwest conferences will be crowned victor on April 7. Through a magic mathematical algorithm, I've pegged Louisville as king of March Madness 2014.


march madness 2014

Bill Stoll, Assoc. Sports Editor

Well I know pretty much nothing about college basketball; it's not really my sport of choice (see: hockey) but I fill out a bracket every year and by day two it's been riddled with red marking incorrect predictions--usually.  This is that bracket.



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