Catching up with BC Birdball

It may seem like a shock, but the Boston College baseball team is already a month into their season. Traveling as far as California and Florida, the Eagles have been riding a tough away streak. Even though BC Baseball had early success in Santa Clara, Calif. and at the Snow Bird Classic in Port Charlotte, Fl., the season has largely been a disappointment so far.

However, they now hope to recover and get some wins at home. The home opener initially planned against Holy Cross for Tuesday was postponed because of the cold weather negatively affecting the field conditions. However, as soon as the weather improves, BC Baseball will be eager to play on Shea Field.

Currently, BC Baseball is riding a nine game losing streak. Traveling to Florida over Spring Break, BC had a disappointing three game series against Miami. Leaving Florida without any wins, Boston College struggled to find any momentum. Unfortunately, this continued last weekend when Boston College faced No 3. Virginia. Playing against a national powerhouse, the Eagles took the second game of the series to the twelfth inning. Despite the Eagles controlling most of the game, Virginia narrowly edged out BC 3-2. Again, they got swept in this three game series.

What can BC baseball do to rebound from their losing streak? Currently standing at 6-12, BC baseball needs to find a way to live up to their expectations. Now that they are finally settling in at Chestnut Hill after all their traveling, the Gavel was able to speak with John Gorman (Jr., Pitcher) Blake Butera (Jr., second base) and Andrew Chin (RS Soph., Pitcher). We discussed BC baseball in general, the hope for the rest of the season, and excitement to finally play at home.

Given the slow start, what are the team’s expectations moving forward?

 JG – The number one goal is to win the Beanpot. We want to be the best in Boston. Obviously it is not as big of a deal compared to hockey, but it is important to establish our reputation as the best team in New England.  Ultimately we hope to grow of off a win in that tournament.

BB- The main goal for the season was to rebound and improve from last year. We were 12-40 which is simply not good enough.  Despite our young (team) and injury issues, we need to be much better this season. So far this year, we haven’t done much better. It is time to start winning games and gain some momentum. The team chemistry is much better this year so we hope to build off of that. The inter squad competition, quality of talent on this team, and our strength of schedule will continue to make us better.

NOTE: The Beanpot is April 9th against Harvard (AWAY) and April 21st against Northeastern/UMass.

How is the ACC looking this year?

AC - Goal every year is to win an ACC title. Every year they are loaded. It gives us more of an incentive to go after everybody.  It is the best baseball conference in the country. Just going .500 in the ACC will make you a top 25 team. Still, that is no reason to lower expectations. At this point in the season, we want to take it game by game. That will lead us to success.

There are strong freshmen; how do you plan to integrate them?

AC – We want to provide a leadership role, teaching them to the right things. When I was a freshmen there wasn’t much leadership, so I hope to fill that void.

 JG - Everybody has to accept their role. It is a big transition from being the best on your high school team to playing in college where you continually play against people that will make the big leagues. I hope to teach the freshmen that in order to be successful, you have to consistently focus on the little things. That is the difference maker.

BB- When everybody is doing well, it brings each individual up. Want to win every single game. Obviously that is tough, but you need to have that winning mentality. 

What is attendance for baseball games like?

BB- Weekend crowds are good, but on weekdays the attendance obviously lags. It is good to see over a thousand people at a nice weekend game. The better we play, the more people will come. The first home series is against Wake Forest (weather permitting 3/21-3/23) and then we mainly play at home for a month.

JG- We want to create a buzz for the home series’. It is a chance to see BC compete against some of the top teams in the country including Florida State’s Jameis Winston (3/28-3/30). We will play the number one team at home, so it is comparable to a Duke Basketball game. We hope to have the same type of crowd that you would get for a Duke Basketball game.

There is still plenty of time for the Boston College Baseball Team to bounce back and make this season a success. They are ready to make a change and bring some wins to Shea Field.

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