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Opinion: Post-Housing Melodrama

Last week I was able to utter the phrase that many BC students dream of uttering, “I got a Mod.” Every time I say it, it just sounds better and better. Since sophomore year I’ve dreamt of being the proud resident of these “temporary” shacks. I would look outside of my Walsh window on these little burnt-red beacons of hope and say to myself, “One day, Bernadette, one day.” Well, that day has finally arrived, and I can’t believe that it actually happened. I got a Mod, I actually got a Mod.

Ever since “Mod-Monday” it’s been a whirlwind. It is all my group of six gals has been talking about, it’s all we’ve been snapchatting each other and if one of us is ever feeling a little down four little words turn it all around - “We have a Mod.” Completely by accident, three of my other friend groups also chose Mods in the same courtyard as ours. It makes the Mods feel like fate, like it was destiny. Spontaneous “MOD-QUAD” chants break out at pregames, with four times as many people to keep talking about how amazing next year will be in the courtyard. Sometimes I even detour through the Mods to the Gate, just so I can look at our future home, and make sure it’s real.

Gavel Media

Gavel Media

Needless to say, I and the other Modsters have been caught up with what next year will bring. The same goes for the juniors about to live in other housing though. If it’s Ruby or Iggy, people are either as excited as I am, indifferent or upset that they were only five minutes past the last Mod pick-time. The same applies for Voute, Gabelli and Edmonds, and even for underclassman who didn’t get 90 or are in fear of getting CoRo.

If you keep talking about next year, the remaining weeks of this year are going to fly by quicker than you will even be able to tell. Living in the Mods is going to be amazing and I will never get over it, but it’s crazy to only talk about that when there is so much to look forward to this semester. I was so caught up that I even forgot that Marathon Monday is upon us. It felt like a sin.

Gavel Media

Gavel Media

Housing, whether it’s good or bad, cannot define your upcoming year and it absolutely cannot define the rest of your current year at school. If I didn’t get a Mod I would be incredibly upset. But, it would have been foolish if I dragged that disappointment with me for the rest of the year and into my senior year. It’s SENIOR YEAR for crying out loud, and it will be amazing regardless. If you don't have a Mod, I can guarantee you know someone who does. If you don’t live on lower, you will eventually! If you didn’t get that Walsh 8-man, blocked 4-mans are just as fine!

Whatever the Housing Gods grant you,  make the most of it and don’t let it get to you now. There’s very little you can do to change your housing once it’s done. So whether you’re happy or sad about your living situation, you can deal with it once next year rolls around.

If there is one thing that I have taken away from the copious amount of retreats I’ve participated in at BC, it is to be present. And that’s exactly what I urge all of you to do - especially to those with post “I got a Mod” syndrome. The Mod is real, it’s happening, and it will be there in August. You can plan your parties and BBQs then. But for now, lets enjoy our last underclassman weeks. Because before we know it we’re going to be second semester seniors getting ready to graduate, and I know that’s something everyone wants to delay for as long as possible.