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What Not to Do When Visiting Your Future Room

One would think that as housing selection wraps up, with it goes the housing-related drama. Think again, naïve eaglets. Now that everyone has met their maker and realized their fate, freshmen and juniors will spend the next two months mourning or celebrating their future. Take a deep breath and think before you act because Miss Manners would certainly not approve of these overzealous moves.

1. Visiting your future room…at 3 a.m.

Julia Keefe / Gavel Media

Julia Keefe / Gavel Media

We get it: you’re excited to see your future home with your little eight or six person family. But there is no need to go traipsing through a building that you don’t even live in yet making all sorts of ruckus at some ungodly hour. Respect your elders and visit the room at a reasonable time, preferably when you aren’t completely intoxicated. And don’t expect free alcohol from them after waking up the entire floor on a Tuesday. You don’t belong here, yet.

2. Complaining about CoRo all of the time

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

If you plan on talking down on CoRo for the next year, you’re going to have a bad time. Pull up your big girl pants and find a silver lining. Don’t be shady and ditch your friends the moment a place opens up in 66; stay loyal to your friends and keep a good attitude, you’ll be surprised what CoRo has in store for you. Also, no one likes a Debby Downer. If you plan on spending a lot of time in someone’s eight-man next year, you better give them a good reason to keep you around. Hint: being a cry baby is not the answer.

3. Inviting everyone you know to your Mod next year

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

Sophomore you sit next to in your weekly seminar? Come down anytime. Freshmen girls you saw in the Mods last night? Open invitation. Kid you chatted with at Eagles Deli that may or may not actually be a Boston College student? You get the picture. You have every reason to celebrate getting a Mod. Oh the adventures that lay ahead for you, your housemates and your extended family. Just make sure you remember everyone’s name in said family, otherwise you’ll be in store for some awkward interactions come next semester.

4. Being insensitive to others' housing woes

It will never not be awkward when you tell someone you’re in Vandy and they tell you they got Williams. You know how you can make it better? Don’t be a jerk. Drawn out exclamations of “Dude that totally blows!” will not be met with friendly faces. A quick “Sorry, friend” will suffice followed by a swift change of the subject. Also, beware of saying, “At least I didn’t get Greycliff” in the 1 in 2,000 chance that a person that actually got Greycliff is within earshot. That’s not a fun interaction to have.

5. Making current residents feel old 

If the current residents welcome you into your future home, do not make them regret it. Show the utmost respect by providing selected beverages and hors d’oeuvres for all to enjoy. Gather as much insight as you see fit from the current residents, but do not, under any circumstances, make them feel old. If you’re going to a Mod with six seniors, odds are seven of them have no idea what they are doing with their life once they have that diploma in their hands. Just be silently thankful that you have some time left.

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