10 Worst People in BC Dining Lines

We’ve all been there. The end of a long day culminating in a visit to the nearest dining hall in hopes of finding a bright spot in an otherwise dark week filled with quizzes, papers, tests and regret for not getting to Plex as much as you promised yourself you would. But while a moment of satisfaction seems so close that you can (literally) taste it, there’s one thing that stands between you and a nice peaceful meal: the annoying person you have to wait in line behind. While there are many of these types of people rampant on college campuses across the globe, we decided to make a list of the top ten worst people to wait in line behind in a BC dining hall.

1.     The Person Who Can’t Find Their Card, But Won’t Let You Pay For Them

For some reason, some people choose to store their BC IDs in the deepest recesses of their backpacks and purses, guaranteeing at least a 10-minute process in reclaiming them. Maybe you’re feeling nice, maybe you’re in a rush, but, regardless, you generously offer to let them use your card to pay for their food. They refuse, and you nicely explain that you have more than enough dining hall money that you have to get rid of. In many ways, they would be helping you, but nope. They’d rather keep looking for theirs and holding up the entire line.

2.     The Person Who is too Busy Checking Their Phone to Move Up

Okay so maybe we have all been guilty of this at one time or another. Waiting in line can be a perfect time to survey your Twitter feed or checkout any new Instagrams. But the key is a balance between distraction and awareness of your current surroundings.  Remember, all your other line-mates have phones too, and the last thing you want is a barrage of Yik Yaks critiquing your line etiquette.

3.     The Person Who Doesn’t Know How the Line Works

This one is simple. If you don’t know how the line works, follow the person in front of you. If they don’t know how the line works, learn from their mistakes. If you still don’t know how the line works, or even what line you’re in, get out of the line.

4.     The Person Who is Suddenly Best Friends With the Cashier

Friendliness is nice, but don’t hold up the entire line. Not only do these people slow things down but they may also make you feel bad about your own relationship with the cashier. It’s okay, you don’t have to be friends with everyone; a simple hello and thank you is fine.


Amanda Ikard / Gavel Media

5.     The Person Who Knows the Person Behind You, but Neither of Them Know You

This is a hard situation to navigate. Do you get out of their way? Smile and nod? Pretend they don’t exist? Either way, say hello to an awkward conversation sandwich.

6.     The Person Who Drops All Their Food

This one is just way too much of an emotional roller coaster. Do you laugh? Feel bad for them? Maybe they spilled some of their food on you. In that case do you also get angry? Regardless of the spectrum of emotions you may go through, this one may just be too much to deal with after a long day and honestly it’s the last thing either of you need.

7.     That Person You Met That One Time

Do you say hi? If so are you then obligated to have a conversation? Maybe you don’t even remember their name, or how you actually met them. But, then again, if you don’t say hi you’re guaranteed to feel rude and will have to resort to the BC lookaway. Whatever you choose, it better be the right choice, because you’re stuck in line with them now for however long it may take.

8.     The Person Who Asks You To Save Their Spot

Okay, so this might be acceptable if someone just needs to grab something quickly from the coolers or snag a cup, but for any extended amount of time this is not cool. Nobody wants to wait in line for anything, so don’t have someone else do it for you

9.     The Person Who Sneaks Their Friends Into Line

Why do people think they can do this? People’s spots in line are earned. They work for the spot they have. Maybe they haven’t eaten a real meal yet that day, or maybe they’re regretting wearing their coat into the dining hall and now, on top of being hungry, are uncontrollably sweating. Either way, line spots are awarded to those who wait for doing precisely just that; and no one needs that taken away from them by someone’s freeloader friends.

10.  The Person Who Pays With Cash or a Credit Card

This person can’t really help it, but they still hold up the line. This is a telltale trait of visitors, parents and tour members. In many cases these people should probably be given a break because while it is annoying it is generally out of their control. However, on the off chance that the person paying with a credit card or cash is a result of situation one, we are unapologetically annoyed.

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