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Arrupe Trip Seeks "U.S. Truth and Justice for El Salvador"

On Sunday, March 30 and Monday, March 31, the Boston College Arrupe El Salvador group will be hosting an event called the U.S. Truth and Justice for El Salvador Tour.

The events are inspired by the group’s trip to El Salvador over winter break and will feature three human rights advocates working in El Salvador.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Truth and Justice for El Salvador Tour/Facebook

Photo courtesy of U.S. Truth and Justice for El Salvador Tour/Facebook

The discussion will surround “the Archbishop of San Salvador’s recent decision to shutter the Tutela Legal, the Archdiocese's human rights legal aid office, saying it no longer had a reason to exist, and to talk of the new, independent organization, Tutela Legal ‘María Julia Hernández,’ aiming to continue its work."

The speakers are Wilfredo Medrano, Dolores Hernandez and Bethany Loberg. Wilfredo Medrano works at the Tutela Legal “Maria Julia Hernandez,” the organization that aims to replace the human rights legal aid office after the Archbishop of San Salvador closed it.

The speakers will seek to educate students as to the history of El Salvador, the violence during its civil war and the human rights effects that endure today. El Salvador has had an oftenly difficult history – it was under a military dictatorship from 1931 to 1979, when it was plunged into a civil war that did not end until 1992.


Photo courtesy of U.S. Truth & Justice for El Salvador Tour/Facebook

In 1979, violence between reformist forces and the government army quickly led to widespread and indiscriminate violence and killings, culminating in a massacre in 1981 where more than 800 people were killed, including civilians and young children.

After the war, the Legislative Assembly passed an amnesty law that made it possible to prosecute anyone for crimes committed before or during the war. The events aim to present a powerful message about the ongoing quest for peace and justice in El Salvador.

The first event will be held in the chapel in the basement of St. Ignatius on Sunday, March 30 at 7pm. If you miss this first gathering, the "tour" will continue in the Fulton Honors Library from 12-1:30pm on Monday, March 31.

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