Latin American Business Club Initiates Leadership Conference on Campus

This Saturday, March 29, the Latin American Leadership Conference will be held at Corcoran Commons, featuring Latin American leaders who will speak about business and entrepreneurship. This event is organized by the Latin American Business Club of Boston College (LABC).


Photo courtesy of Boston College Latin American Business Club/Facebook

"The club started [the conference] because a lot of Latin American students hope to go back to their countries to work after graduating Boston College,” said LABC Social Action Director Sarah Padial, A&S ’16.

“Also there has been a rise in the Latin American markets; thus, more students want to be aware of what is going on. Although BC offers job involvement fairs on a national level, we felt as though there wasn't a Latin American presence involved.”

The conference will be split into two sessions, with each featuring a panel that will discuss a specific topic. The conference will end with a lecture given by the speakers.

The event features two Latin American business leaders: Francisco Aristeguieta, the CEO of Citi Latin America, and María Emma Mejía Vélez, a Colombian journalist and a diplomat.


Photo courtesy of Boston College Latin American Business Club/Facebook

Francisco Aristeguieta joined Citi in Venezuela in 1994. Currently, he is the CEO of Citigroup Latin America, and is responsible for all businesses in the 23 countries where Citi is present in the region.

María Emma Mejía Vélez served as the second Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Colombia and Ambassador of Colombia to Spain. Veléz currently works as Executive President of Pies Descalzos Foundation, a charity founded by the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira and collaborates as a journalist for El Radar, a Colombian investigative television news program.

The event aims to bring more internship and full-time opportunities to the Latin American students at Boston College.

“LABC hopes to create a strong network that will help students connect with other BC students with similar interests and with Latin American BC alumni," Padial explained. "Also, we hope to provide Latin American students with the tools to find great internships and work opportunities within the United States.”

A final goal of the event is to bring awareness to social issues in South America. “We want to create a greater awareness of the social and political issues currently facing the Latin-American region, in order to enrich students with different perspectives and situations from a world so close to the United States, yet so different,” said Padial.

Photos courtesy of Boston College Latin American Business Club/Facebook

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