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April Fool's Pranks for 7 Different Friends

April Fool's Day can be the best or worst day of your spring semester. This, obviously, is contingent upon which end of the prank you find yourself. Pick your target and your prank wisely with the help of a few suggestions.

The roommate:

One of the keys to pulling off a good prank is access. You have the ultimate access to your roommate. Whether or not you’re close, a prank is a memorable way to show someone else that you like him or her enough to laugh in their face. Something simple like sticking a plastic spider or other select vermin underneath their covers will do if you are short on time. If you want to commit, explore the idea of wrapping all of the surfaces of their side of the room with tin foil. It’s probably the most Instagrammable prank you could pull, which is important because if you don’t Instagram it, did it even happen?


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The suitemate:

Your angle of attack here is to throw something back in their face: retribution should be your goal. Is your suitemate passive aggressive? Write down all of the subliminal texts and notes they’ve left you and cover their annoyingly clean desk with their ill-crafted insults. Do they borrow things without asking? Hide everything of theirs that you remember being taken in the past (and hide your things so they can’t borrow yours).


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Or maybe they slam doors? Tape an airhorn as the door-wall protector. Find their weakness and exploit it: it will be a learning experience for all.

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The class-friend:

Odds are you know this person well enough to know if they have a good sense of humor, but not well enough to enable a high level of access. Keep it simple by playing mind games. Text them and ask about that exam for tomorrow that is worth 60% of your grade. Make sure you aren’t too obvious; indirect questions work best at eliciting the highest levels of panic.

Christie Merino / Gavel Media

Christie Merino / Gavel Media

The RA:

This is not for the amateur prankster. There is a fine line you walk when pranking your RA. Most people aren’t best friends with their RA but speak to them on a regular basis. When you run into your RA in the hallway or your communal bathroom, tell them you’re really excited for that program they have going on later that night. Nothing gets an RA more worked up than thinking they have forgotten about a program.

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The fitness-freak:

This person wouldn’t go a day without the Plex. Exploit their habitual nature by switching out their protein powder for the day with flour. If they use a chocolate blend, add some sand or dirt to keep things looking normal.

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If they aren’t into the protein powder, go for something simple like slipping silly putty into their sneakers. It won’t cause any unfixable damage to the shoe, but it will be an unpleasant experience for your victim.

The crush:

This goes out to that person you’ve been “talking to” for a while. You both know you like each other but things are currently in limbo. Dust off your acting chops and sit down for “the talk.” The more specific you can be about your pre-planned future that consists of three kids, two dogs and the Newport beach house you plan to own, the better. If you don’t trust yourself to pull something that direct off, use your knowledge of the person to pull off your prank. Maybe your significant other is a big fan of Oreos. If so, removing the frosting and replacing it with toothpaste will turn them off from them for a while. Other classics include mixing Sprite and soy sauce into a Coke bottle.  You'll look super thoughtful and caring until your special someone gets their first taste of what "talking to" someone with your sense of humor is like.

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The floormates:

You may not be super close with your next-door neighbors. Regardless, the pleasantries you have exchanged throughout the year entitle you to play a prank on them. Make sure you have a strong piece of rope and some serious knot-tying skills. Pick two rooms across the hall from one another and tie each end of the rope to each doorknob. Make sure there is a small amount of slack, and then knock on both doors. The chaos that ensues is sure to make you the talk of the hall.

P.S. make sure your victims are in the rooms before you put in the effort. Or start taking a video. 

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