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The 8 Emails You Loathe Receiving

Boston College students are no strangers to receiving dozens of emails on a daily basis. But for every one important and actually useful email, it seems there are 10 others that are completely useless. Here are a few emails we hate receiving the most.

From: BC Office of Transportation and Parking

This is by far the most annoying email. It’s like an annoying ex boyfriend/girlfriend  who just won’t go away—it’s unoriginal, it’s predictable, and it’s irrelevant. Most students don’t even have a car on campus! This email is necessary because it alerts BC students to move their cars during game days or heavy periods of rain/snow, but BC needs to do a better job of streamlining the recipients list. Otherwise this is just a rude email mocking those who do not have a car at their disposal and are forced to take the Comm Ave. (or worse, Newton) bus.


From: The Overzealous Professor

There are always those professors who email you on a Friday to alert you about an assignment due next week. As students paying an inordinate sum of money for tuition, we appreciate your enthusiasm for educating young minds. However, most of us have checked out by Friday at noon…or even by Thursday night. Your email sends unnecessary stress to students who probably won’t even look at their next assignment until Sunday….night.

From: The Career Center

These emails can be helpful. There’s nothing wrong with updates about new resume/cover letter review sessions or career/internship fairs. Yet, it is impossible to keep up with all of the emails that the career center sends out.  We become overwhelmed with emails informing us of guest speakers or panels or networking events.  These emails only serve the purpose of making us feel guilty, as we rarely, if ever, attend these events.  Our schoolwork, club activities or even Netflix, prevent us from seeking out these mystical “life-changing” career events.  These emails are meant to shame us for being so passive about our futures more than they are meant to educate us.


From: BC Athletics

Everyone likes knowing about the athletic events happening on campus, but…at the same time they don’t. The only games that most students are interested in are the ones in which our teams actually have a chance at winning (or losing respectfully). There’s no doubt everyone loves watching a basketball game, but not the crushing feeling of defeat/loss of self-confidence after watching one. When Superfans attend a sporting event, they live vicariously through the players, and if we lose, many leave feeling a bit wounded; a  little more “sucks to BU” than “We are BC.” We’re all for team spirit and some good ol’ “go team go” cheering, but getting an email daily reminding me to go to the night games during the week? Yeah bye.


From: The RA/RD

When was Monday ever a “fun day”? Never. No amount of free trail mix in the lobby of Vandy will change the painfulness of Mondays. Nobody ever attends these events held by the RAs, unless they happen to be trudging through the lobby after class and happen upon free food.  If you are low on your meal plan, however, these events could be a lifesaver.


From: Listservs

Yes, those listservs. The ones that you signed up for at the beginning of the year because you were trapped in the quad by people with flyers. Don’t forget being shouted at from all angles with forceful, persuasive speeches about close-knit and endlessly interesting and exciting clubs.  Well, once the regret of signing up for 18 clubs seeped in, you were punished for being so liberal and free with your signature. You were stuck on a listserv that you couldn’t get off of.  Fear no more, there’s a helpful antidote to this problem! There’s a helpful link on BC’s website that shows you how to unsubscribe.

From: Reslife/ BC housing assignments

Opening a reslife email never ends well.  In fact, opening one of their emails, brings back memories of elementary school when playing ‘house’ with friends seemed so easy and attainable. It brings back memories of the summer before  freshman year when some unfortunate souls learned that they would be living on the infamous Newton campus. It brings back memories of sophomore year when some did not get either an eight man or a four man, but instead a nine man with forced triples or a double on Co-Ro. It brings back the fact that friendships were strained because some were only given three years of housing instead of four and had to beg to be given an extra year so that they could room with their friends.  As Lorde would say,  “I'm not proud of my address in a torn-up town, no postcode envy” but it’s okay because most have accepted the fact that BC doesn’t want to see them happy. Edmonds senior year, here we come!

From: Office of Student Services

At this stage in life a little more than some of BC kids are happy being blissfully ignorant about financial literacy! We don’t want to know how to take our hard-earned money and put it in a savings account. We don’t want to think about graduation and budgeting and retirement savings. The sad fact is, as humanities majors, many of us will probably be in debt and poor after college no matter how much saving we try to do.  They say “It’s never too early to start investing in your future” but it is. Let us blow through our college years in a haze of irresponsibility and late-night take-out and then worry about our future. Check. Drag. Move to Spam.


Stay on top of things and delete these as soon as you get them to avoid a flooded inbox with unopened messages. When all else fails, throw  your laptop into the res and change your name.