Christian 'Reaches a dream,' Vows His Energy to BC Hoops

As the clock neared 3 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, a palpable air of silence filled the second floor of the Barber Family Auditorium in Yawkey Athletic Center.

In walked a tall and burly Jim Christian, a coach unbeknown to most Boston College students a mere week ago. And as Jim Christian, after a succinct introduction by Boston College Athletic Director Brad Bates, began to speak, the air of quietness was immediately alleviated.

With a well-spoken and passionate demeanor, Jim Christian grabbed hold of a quiet room and--through his zeal and increasingly apparent love for the game--won the audience over in a matter of minutes.

"It's not very often that your family can see you reach one of your dreams," said an eternally grateful Christian. When addressing the process of his hiring, Christian asserted that it became "clearer and clearer and clearer that [Boston College] was an ideal spot for [him]."

After immediately establishing how privileged he felt to be at Boston College, Christian began to address the logistics of the basketball team.

"Our program is going to be about two things every day." Christian beamed to a sea of reporters, BC faculty and family members in attendance. "One is identity and the other one is development."

Excited as Christian appeared to be, he acknowledged the vitalness of having players with a good attitude. "I can't just extend myself to the players on the team. They have to extend themselves as well."

Christian said that at "this time of the year developing relationships [with players] as quickly as you can is paramount." And, having met up with the entire team  before the press conference, Christian subtly showed that he practices what he preaches.

When prompted with the pressing question of former ACC Rookie of the Year Olivier Hanlan, Christian was vague. "We had a couple of great conversations," he said. "And we’ll continue to do so."

Regarding the entirety of Boston College, Christian certainly didn't withhold his option.

“[BC’s] family atmosphere is so prevalent everywhere you walk...I'm one of those guys--I want to be involved in all the other things that go on in this campus, and as you can tell, this is who I am. I'm pretty approachable. You know, my family's going to be involved--my two little boys. And, I so much want to reach out and get to know those people a little bit better because we need them involved--we need them back in here. And we need to give them a reason."

All in all, Jim Christian turned a skeptical room into a buzzing, excited one in half an hour, and that is what he will do to the entirety of Boston College--though that might take a little bit more than half an hour.

Christian's genuineness, astuteness, and sheer passion for the game was undisguised. And though many Boston College hopefuls wanted the basketball-version of Steve Addazio, they might have gotten something better: Jim Christian.

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