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Can You Go #ADayWithoutWaste?

One man’s trash is… still trash.

Waste comes in many forms. The nonprofit Global Citizen group partnered with Ekocycle, a group that makes clothing and other products with post-consumer waste, and brought about a Day Without Waste on April 9.


Photo courtesy of Global Citizen/Facebook

Americans produce 25% of the world’s waste, although the population constitutes less than 5% of the global population.

Ryan Gall, the co-founder of Ekocycle, believes that young people want to help reduce waste, but need a push in the right direction.

As spring rolls around and the weather gets nicer, think about ways you can save this beautiful Boston College campus (and the Earth too).

It’s not easy to go #ADayWithoutWaste, and though April 9 may be behind us, here are 8 ways for Boston College students to lower their environmental footprints.

1. Bring your own bottle to Dunkies.

Americans drink more coffee than any other nation, consuming more than 400 million cups each day. As students living in New England, many Eagles run on Dunkin. Next time, when you go get that much-needed ice coffee, bring a recyclable bottle to use.


Photo courtesy of Global Citizen/Facebook

2. Get less 2 a.m. Friday night delivery from New Hong Kong.

Over half of the meals BC students purchase are delivered. This means gas emissions and Styrofoam waste up the wazoo.

3. Get less 2 a.m. Saturday night delivery from Domino’s.

See above.

4. Eat more at Lower.

Using the glass plates and utensils are the eco-friendly way to go. This means being social and eating with other humans, rather than taking that mac n’ cheese in a to-go container and bringing it back up to your room. This also implies that you stop stealing the utensils.

5. Host a dinner party.

If you have a kitchen on campus and are avoiding lower, load up on local fruits and vegetables and invite your friends over to indulge in a home-cooked meal. Grab your companions, and, next thing you know, you’ll be taking reservations in Restaurant d’Edmonds (well, depending on how good a cook you are).

6. Limit your bubble baths.

One hopes that most people aren’t bathing in the tubs the 8-man (in)conveniently hasn’t cleaned in weeks. However, students can cut down their shower time. It may not be easy, but next time you ponder switching your major, think about your decision somewhere else, not while standing under hot water for an hour.


Photo courtesy of Global Citizen/Facebook

7. Take the stairs.

Trudging up the Million Dollar stairs before a 9 a.m. class is quite a task. Still, if you can, on the way back to Lower after class, take the stairs. This can be a great time to ponder that switching of your major or any other life concern. It will also keep you away from the Hillside elevators (and thus Hillside cookies) just before swimsuit season.

8. Practice interpersonal communication.

Put your phones and computers away for a while. Go enjoy the outdoors and stop relying so heavily on technology. At the least, delete Yik Yak from your phone and save some battery life so you don’t have to charge it for the third time today.

9. Take less notes.

In the end, do graduates even remember the Calculus notes they took? Maybe BC can instate a "no-note-taking Friday" policy. Hey, it’s worth a shot.

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