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Why CSoM Rocks

In this year’s Bloomberg Businessweek rankings, Boston College’s Carroll School of Management was voted 4th in the country for undergraduate business schools. This new ranking demonstrates a large step for the CSoM and BC as a whole, as the business school was previously rated 6th in the country, a spot now held by the University of Texas, Austin.

Students in CSoM welcome this increase in rankings, and are excited to be a part of a program that has come to be so highly respected in the fields of both business and academia. “I think that CSoM moving up in the rankings is great for the school, and it highlights the quality of students in the program. I definitely made the right decision in coming here for undergrad as a finance and accounting major,” said Aidan Fox, CSoM ’17.

The Carroll School shares the top four rankings with the business schools of the University of Notre Dame, the University of Virginia and Cornell University, all of which boast similar highly respected programs. But one element of CSoM that sets it apart from other business schools in the country and may have contributed to the increase in rank is its strong Jesuit tradition, stemming from the values of the university as a whole. According to Bloomberg’s profile of CSoM, those who generate the rankings can see the presence and impact of the Jesuit tradition within the business school.

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Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

“The Boston College Carroll School of Management provides undergraduate and graduate management education attuned to the needs of today’s business world, developing leaders and managers who bring an ethical perspective to business decision making… At the heart of the Carroll School experience are a collaborative spirit and a proud tradition of service to the community,” its website states.

Students currently enrolled in CSoM speak highly of its programs and teachings of the Jesuit tradition as well. “Jesuit education pushes us to be well-rounded individuals, conscious of other areas of academia outside of the technical skills we develop in [the] business curriculum,” said an anonymous CSoM student.

In addition to this exciting new ranking for the quality of education provided by CSoM, it was recently ranked the 6th Best Value for undergraduate business schools by a salary-tracking website called PayScale, in terms of return on investment (ROI). This ranking looks at salary data for employees with bachelor’s degrees in business. It includes graduation rates, financial aid and campus costs (tuition and fees, room and board and books) in calculating the net cost of each school. According to the PayScale study, an undergraduate degree from CSoM costs $224,600 after four years of enrollment, without any financial aid or scholarship funding. While this seems to be a hefty price tag for a bachelor’s degree, the average return on investment is a whopping $705,800 (based on a 20-year income).

Alex Krowiak / Gavel Media

Alex Krowiak / Gavel Media

For students enrolled in CSoM, these rankings predict a promising future in terms of employment after graduation and future salary. For the rest of the BC community, the rankings are a means of garnering prestige for the university and providing yet another reason for students to be proud that they attend such an institution as Boston College.

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