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The Top 10 BC Athletes (Since I've Been Here), Part One

My years at BC are winding down, and as the days have inched closer and closer to graduation, I’ve found myself doing a fair amount of reflecting on my time here.  Obviously the memories that come to mind focus around my friends, my experience abroad, the teachers that have shaped the way I think and helped me become an adult, and the late night steak and cheeses I've demolished nearly every weekend, but I've also found myself thinking about BC sports as well. Since freshman year I've been going to games and loving every minute of it, and I've been writing about BC Athletics for most of that time too.

With a little bit of perspective behind me, I've decided to compile a list of the top ten best athletes that have come and gone in my four years at BC.  Before reading, let me tell you what criteria I used in order to rank these athletes. First, any athlete who played at least a full year since I've been at BC is considered.  Second, I’m basing it on the athlete's body of work at BC, so if an athlete went pro after leaving BC, only their BC career is considered. Third, individual awards are important, but so are team success as well; the best athletes will have found a way to not only stand out in the crowd, but raise the level of competition of their team as a whole as well.

Also before reading, let me go out and say that you will not agree with my list.  I probably won’t even be fully satisfied, and I’ll give it about an 80 percent chance that three days after submitting this article I’ll end up thinking to myself “How could I possibly have forgotten (x-athlete)?” or “I should have ranked (x-athlete) higher and (y-athlete) lower.”


Honorable Mentions

Kevin Hayes, Forward, Men’s Hockey, Career 2010-2013

Hayes has been a model of consistency for the Eagles since coming to Chestnut Hill in 2010.  He tallied 132 points in 142 games, and steadily improved his scoring output year-to-year.  Hayes helped BC pick up the Eagles’ fifth national championship in 2012, and collected an assist in the championship game to boot.  In Hayes’ junior and senior years he was able to form a great partnership with Johnny Gaudreau, and in his senior season he recorded a fantastic 65 points in only 40 games, received first-team All-American honors, and was a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award, college hockey’s top individual honor.

Reggie Jackson, Guard, Men’s Basketball, Career 2008-2010

For most of the people reading this article I assume you will only know Jackson as the former BC basketball player who now plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

I myself was only able to witness one year of Jackson before he decided to forgo his senior year and declare for the NBA draft.  However, while he was at BC, Jackson developed into an electric scorer capable of dominating a game.  During his junior year he put up 20+ points 14 times, and averaged 18.2 points per game, leading the Eagles to the NIT Tournament.  His junior year was also good enough to land him First Team All-ACC honors as well.  And though this dunk was called a charge, check out Jackson absolutely jamming it on some dork from Miami.


10)  Kristie Mewis, Midfielder, Women’s Soccer, Career 2009-2012

Let’s see: All-time points leader at BC, First Team All-American, three-time First Team All-ACC, All-ACC freshman team, and BC’s Senior Female Scholar Athlete.  Must I say more?


9)  Kristin Igoe, Midfield, Field Hockey, Career 2009-2012

Now I’m going to be honest, I really don’t know anything about field hockey.  I know that the players wear these like kilt kinda things and some sweet looking goggles, and also that the sticks they use look like inverted walking canes for the elderly.  So though my knowledge of the sport is say, lacking, Kristin Igoe’s accomplishments speak for themselves.

Igoe was a scoring machine for the Eagles, finishing third on the team in points her first three years, and in her final season leading the team with 60 points.  She also made BC and ACC history by receiving All-ACC honors all four years, and you can find her name throughout the BC career record books too.  She left BC as the field hockey program's all-time leading goal scorer, with 165 goals, and is in the top five in career points, goals, and assists. You don’t have to be completely ignorant of the sport to recognize Igoe’s talents.


8)  McKenzie Meehan, Forward, Women’s Soccer, Career 2012-Present

Though McKenzie Meehan has only played two seasons for the Eagles, her incredible accomplishments thus far have certainly earned her a spot on the list.  Despite being a sophomore, Meehan has left quite a mark at BC in her two years on the pitch. As a freshman, Meehan tallied nine goals which were good for third on the team while collecting All-ACC Freshman honors along the way.

Her sophomore season was even more spectacular, as she the ACC with 20 goals which set a single-season program record.  She also collected nine game winning goals, not bad when you consider the team had 13 wins in 2013.  Those incoming freshmen who are forced to live in total isolation on Newton (only one dining hall? Straight up cruel.) can rejoice at one thing: they still have two years to watch Meehan dominate.


7)  Charlie Rugg, Forward, Men’s Soccer, Career 2009-2012

In his four years at BC, Charlie Rugg led the men’s soccer team with points three times, and the only season he didn’t finish first in points, he came in second.  Rugg became the first men’s soccer player in BC history to be named to the All-ACC First team three times, and he graduated ranked fifth all time in BC history in both goals in points, with 28 and 74 respectively.  Though the men’s soccer team was never able to achieve a ton of post-season success, Rugg was a continual bright spot, providing freshmen all over Newton campus something to cheer about season after season.

Photo courtesy of Diamondback Photo / flickr.

Photo courtesy of Diamondback Photo / flickr.

6)  Alex Amidon, Wide Receiver, Football, Career 2010-2013

Alex Amidon came to BC as one of the least heralded recruits in the 2010 class, and through his first two years it appeared as if he would only ever thrive as a tertiary slot-receiver able to pick up a catch or two a game.

Well, his junior did pretty well to clear up all of those misconceptions.  As Amidon quickly became QB Chase Rettig’s favorite target, he racked up school records of 78 receptions and 1,210 receiving yards--impressive when you consider how much BC struggled as a team that year.

Then, despite the emergence of Andre Williams and the offensive focus on the rushing game for his senior year, Amidon was still able to record 77 receptions (which of course would be second in school history for receptions in a season, only one fewer than the record he set the previous year) and 1,032 receiving yards.

Along the way he picked up All-ACC honors twice, and graduates as the BC career leader in both receptions (191) and receiving yards (2,800).  Though Amidon never looked as physically imposing as many of the great college wide receivers, his fantastic hands, deceptive speed, and remarkable toughness made him one of BC’s all-time greats.

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