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Boston Strong License Plates to Debut This Summer

Boston Strong isn’t just a lifestyle… it’s a license plate.

On April 18, Governor Patrick signed a bill into law that will bring about the creation of Massachusetts state license plates featuring a “BostonStong” insignia.

The new plate, which will be available in the late summer or fall of 2014, will cost about $50. All proceeds from the plates will go to the One Fund Boston, a charity organized to serve those affected by the bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

The bill was proposed by Springfield State Representative Angelo Puppolo who hoped the measure would “send a message across the entire Commonwealth that certainly western Mass., as well as the entire state stands together.”

Photo courtesy of Boston Strong/Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Boston Strong/Facebook

The Boston Strong plates will join a variety of other specialty plate options in Massachusetts, including those featuring the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins/Youth Hockey, Red Sox/Jimmy Fund and the Massachusetts Animal Coalition.

While the "Boston Strong" mantra has adopted by many across the nation, the license plates will help maintain the spirit of the term and support those affected by the tragedy.

As Governor Patrick put it to 22News, "the celebration of Boston Strong... is an incredible statement of community. Soon, drivers across the state will have a way to display to the nation that "The Spirit of America" is one of solidarity with Boston.

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