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Opinion: Roses Over Rent

With tuition costs rising yet again for the next academic year, I find myself speculating about superfluous expenses on campus. As I sit writing this article, for instance, a giant bouncy castle is in the process of being blown up for the “Upper Bloc Darty.” That’s just dandy, but how about a few hundred dollars off my tuition instead? That is rather misanthropic of me, but I speak for many. How do I know this? Yik Yak, of course.

I digress. A better example of possibly-unnecessary expenditures we see every day on BC’s campus is landscaping. Boston College is a beautiful school, and it is a particularly expensive school. These two evident truths must have some correlation. Are the well-manicured lawns, cherry blossoms, and BC logos made out of flowers worth it? Most definitely. Out of all of the seemingly unnecessary costs around campus, landscaping is worth every cent.

Just take it from this year’s Convocation book. Making the Impossible Possible by Bill Strickland devotes a substantial number of pages to Strickland’s devotion to creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for the impoverished students attending his school. Though the overall socioeconomic status of BC students and of the people described in the book varies widely, our needs do not. This is yet another case for why Carney needs to be hit with a wrecking ball sooner rather than later.

Studies conducted at the University of Georgia in 1956 showed that elementary students did better academically in more attractive environments and felt more energetic. Freshman Christina Moore agrees: “Being at a well-maintained school makes me feel proud to be a BC student. That and, you know, our academics.”

Our aesthetic campus attracts students to BC. “Ugly campus” tends not to show up on prospective students’ lists of what they look for in a school. Like the student body, our campus dresses to impress. Why wear Crocs when you can have your mom give you extra money to buy Sperrys? Why have one BC logo made out of flowers when you can get students to throw in a few extra bucks for two?

While it may feel like our tuition dollars are going down the drain, being able to sit on the amphitheater with friends and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms is priceless.

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