Summer Bucket List

Somehow, summer simultaneously seems to be the  fastest and slowest season every year. A boring summer may seem endless, but it always comes to a sudden halt. Don’t be left feeling like you wasted this precious time: make the most of your summer!  Summer offers you a rare opportunity to have experiences that you may not have the time or occasion to participate in during the school year. Need ideas on how to make the next three months worthwhile? The Gavel’s got you covered!

Pick up a new TV series.

It’s easy to fall behind on your TV during the school year with so much homework and studying to do. Use your three months off to watch a new series (or two, or five…). Orange Is the New Black and Downton Abbey are both great options.

See a drive-in movie.

If you have a drive-in theater near you, grab some friends and snacks and pile into the car for a movie. It’s guaranteed to be more fun and less expensive than a traditional movie theater.

Go skydiving.

(As long as you don’t have a fear of heights.)

Do some volunteering.

This can be for the day, or the entire summer. Soup kitchens are always rewarding places to volunteer, and animal shelters are the best if you love taking care of animals.

Read a book.

There’s not much time to read for fun during the school year, so take advantage of the summer to do so. Choose an easy series like The Hunger Games to keep you engaged, or dive into one of the classics, like War and Peace.

Participate in the Color Run.

See the schedule for the official one here, or sign up for a local one.

Go to the farmer’s market.

Take advantage of fresh, local food while you can. Mac and Lower are good, but they still can’t compare.

See a meteor shower.

May 23rd and August 12th – you’re welcome.

Ask someone on a date.

Even if it’s just to grab ice cream, it counts. Make Professor Kerry Cronin proud!

Start a blog.

Why not chronicle the highlights of your summer in an online blog? Maybe you’ll become internet famous.

Make homemade pizza.

It’s an easy summer dinner to make, and you can load it up with whatever toppings you want (maybe buy your ingredients at the farmer’s market, as mentioned above).

Fill a sketchbook.

Regardless of your artistic ability, filling a sketchbook with random doodles, thoughts and quotes will be entertaining and rewarding at the end of the summer.

No matter how you decide to spend your summer, be sure to make it memorable. Enjoy the time with family and friends, and take advantage of every opportunity laid out before you. Have a great summer!

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