"Surviving" Summer

Have you ever heard the somewhat irritating phrase, “Don’t just simply survive...thrive!”? It's three weeks into the summer and the daily work and relaxation routine is already trance inducing. The college lifestyle works well because we have a welcomed ratio of "working hard to partying hard." Sometimes a summer job just isn't enough work to balance the partying. Let's learn how to thrive during the summer months by adding another layer to the mix.

The summer routine of working, beaching, hanging out and tanning every week turns into a boring cycle after a while. A possible solution to this summer coma is to set some goals to accomplish before you go back to school. It’s like a less exciting bucket list. Your goal could be getting a job, finally getting your driver’s license or opening a bank account. Whatever it is, it doesn’t have to be all that grand. Accomplishment, however small or large, feels good.

Not only can you enjoy all the fun of summer, you can also simultaneously work toward some necessary goals. The idea of accomplishment makes this time off from college seem more like college, except now you control what you want to get done: huzzah! So what is it, exactly, that you want to do? Your goal––or goals––could be almost anything.



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If you missed the deadline for internships, consider volunteering somewhere in the community. Though this doesn’t seem to be the case for BC students, try to think of volunteering as less of a requirement and more of a fulfilling and centering experience. If volunteerism isn’t your cup of tea, or you’re too tired to take on another work-like activity, try reading all of those books on your bookshelf. You know the ones; they’ve been collecting dust since the notion of “required reading” entered your life. You could try to get your friends together for a book club! Be prepared for them to laugh in your face when you mention it.

Look around your room. What do you see? I spy with my little eye a few stuffed animals, framed photographs of childhood friends I haven’t seen in years and a lot of dust. Maybe it is time for a room makeover! If not a makeover, perhaps a belated spring cleaning. While you’re getting your room in shape, why not your body? I am the last person to tell anyone at BC to consider getting in shape, but I thought I might throw it out there. Such a list would not be complete otherwise.

Lastly, dare I bring up the horror of post-grad life? If you have not already, it wouldn’t hurt to start planning next summer’s agenda. Scout out those internships now to prevent stress later on. Draft a resume and see what holes need to be filled. A fun alternative: investigate study abroad options––cities, programs, classes, etc.––if you have not had the pleasure of going abroad yet. If you’re especially strange, get ahead on next semester’s course load.

Speaking as someone who has been grappling with the thought of already being bored by her summer routine, I urge you to treat summer as another mini-semester and stay as busy as possible––though it wouldn’t be summer without naps in the sun.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest


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