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BC Students At Center of Cleveland Circle Development Fight

Cleveland Circle is known as the hub of BC’s off-campus social scene, but the sights that have become so familiar might soon be changing.

Developers are reportedly close to getting approval from the city of Boston to raze the Circle Cinema and Applebee’s near Reservoir Station. In their place would be “an $85 million complex of hotel rooms, residences, and stores,” according to the Boston Globe. The final result will be a six-story building containing a Hilton Inn, 90 apartments and multiple restaurants.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Ika/Gavel Media

Amanda Ika/Gavel Media

Nearby Brighton residents are not all pleased by this development, particularly concerning the possibility of BC students living in the apartments. Calls have been raised by community members to bar college students from living in the new building.

Mary Cronin, a community member on the project’s review board, told the Globe that “Cleveland Circle has a lot of problems with the existing density of students in the neighborhood. There have been noise and rowdiness issues continually.” There is however currently no consensus on whether or not to ban students from the building.

This echoes a frequent conflict between year-round residents in the Brighton area and students who live in off-campus houses because of the level of noise the students create. However, with BC’s new dorm in construction along with plans to convert the apartments at 2000 Commonwealth Ave into an official dormitory, presumably fewer BC students will be living off-campus by the time the Cleveland Circle project is completed.

Concerns have also been raised about the high density of residents once the apartments become occupied and the increase in traffic that is likely to occur. Sharon Cayley, another member of the review panel, said that “We are making careful arguments as to why we need to make these changes, and it doesn’t feel like the developer is giving us much credibility. Every time we ask for a change, they move a quarter of an inch.”

The project still needs approval from the city of Boston on its designs before construction could begin. There is currently no timeline for completion.

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