Vessyl's "Smartcup" Technology Changes Hydration

Technology is ever growing in today’s fast-paced digital age. We are always looking for the next best thing, whether it’s a newly released iPhone or a trendy car. But what about the next…digital cup? Yes, you did read that correctly. At first glance, Vessyl seems like just another 13 ounce, sleekly designed, reusable water bottle, but this is far from the truth.

Vessyl adds an entirely new element to drink consumption. The cup has a built-in display that reveals exactly what is inside, often even including specific brands and flavors. The cup also analyzes the chemical makeup of its contents. The internal sensors calculate the caffeine content, calories, sugar, fat and protein of the drink inside. The cup is even accurate enough to account for melting ice cubes. This data is automatically sent to your iOS device and tracked day-to-day.

Your iOS device uses the data to estimate hydration needs, and it makes adjustments based on location and activity. Vessyl allows the user to better understand how well he or she is hydrated throughout the day. It then syncs with iOS-based activity trackers such as Nike+ to integrate more data.

Vessyl is a creative new product by the company Mark One. The goal of the business is to implement technologies in products that seamlessly integrate with life. Surprisingly, Mark One has only fifteen employees, including a doctor, a data scientist, several engineers and several marketing personnel. The cup has been seven years in the making, and it is finally ready. With positive reviews from companies such as Gizmodo, TechCrunch and the Wall Street Journal, Vessyl is being released with a reputation to live up to. Justin Lee, CEO of Mark One, designed it with the help of Yves Behar of Fuseproject. Behar is also well known as the designer of the JamBox.

Vessyl can even detect thicker liquids like smoothies and yogurt-based drinks. Manual entry of drink consumption is also an option. The cup is durable and built with a spill-proof lid. Vessyl is non-stick and easy to clean. The body comes in three colors; shadow, snow and steam, while the lid comes in one of eight refined colors. The wire-free charge lasts five to seven days, and it takes only 60 minutes to fully charge. Simply place the cup on the included saucer to power up. Activating the display is as simple as picking the cup up and tilting it. Who knows what will be next? Playtes, perhaps? Or maybe Glasys? If you want to be the coolest person drinking coffee in your 9 a.m. lecture hall, Vessyl can currently be pre-ordered for $99. However, the price will increase to $199 when the product is released early next year, so take advantage of this option while you can!

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