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RunPee App Changes the Movie Experience

There’s no greater conflict than sitting in a movie theater seeing a movie for the first time while you desperately have to pee. When the moment strikes, your mind starts racing. Should I hold it? What if I miss something important? You weigh your options. Getting up means you may miss a crucial plot twist that alters the entire storyline. Waiting means you have to endure over an hour of agony with the risk of actually peeing yourself. It’s really too bad there isn’t a remote that would let you pause the movie, but what if you didn’t need to pause?

The RunPee app can be considered revolutionary. For each movie, there is a list of designated Peetimes. These times include 3-5 minute scenes that are identified as lulls in the movie. You make a run for it when a character gives one of the key phrases, and the app fills you in with a quick synopsis of what is happening so that you can read about it while you pee. You will never have to worry about missing a scene again.



Each week, new movies are added (either on opening day or earlier). There are even a few exciting extra features. You can find out whether you should sit through the credits to see an extra blurb either during or after. You can also read and write reviews for other moviegoers. If you’re late for the movie, you can get a quick synopsis of what happened during the first three minutes.

RunPee CPO (Chief Pee Officer), Dan Florio, created the app for fun. Designing apps is a hobby of his, and he was simply looking for a solution to a common problem. RunPee eventually became a profitable company, leaving him with a full time job. He has even kept it as a family business. His mom, sister and niece are contributors that add movie info to the database. Film critic Shanee Edwards is also part of the RunPee staff. As a critic, she has access to movie screenings, so she contributes Peetimes that can even be used at the midnight showing of a movie.

As the saying goes, there’s an app for everything. Technology makes day-to-day life easier and easier. App developers are constantly identifying and solving problems that we did not even realize we had.

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