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MarbleDrop: the Newest Addictive Gaming App

I will confess I have an addictive personality when it comes to gaming. I spent most of my childhood hooked to specific virtual worlds for weeks to months at a time – Pokémon, Zelda, The Sims…and the Sims 2…and the Sims 3. Whether it was on a Gameboy, PC, or iPhone, the console simply did not matter. For this reason, I have kept myself away from Angry Birds and Candy Crush. I dabbled in Temple Run, but fortunately, my phone was stolen before I went too far. Now I will admit I have spiraled into a full-on relapse. I tried the new iPhone (and Android) app, “Marble Drop,” and I was instantly hooked.

MIT juniors Matt Arbesfeld and Matt Tancik developed the app. The pair met on their first day at MIT and lived on the same floor for two years. This has given them time to mix together their coding and design skills to make a dream team. Together, they have worked on several apps and other projects. In January, the two participated in the MIT iOS Game Competition. They took second place with their game, “Marble Drop,” along with the People’s Choice Award. Their prize was about $6,000 and an iPad.


Screenshot / Ambrey Rice

At this point, they had a great concept laid out and a large portion of the game was already put together. Arbesfeld even told BostInno, “I would draw a puzzle on a piece of paper during class.” They worked on the game throughout spring semester, and it is now available in the App Store and on Google Play for free. In less than two weeks, the app was averaging about 8,000 downloads daily.



Screenshot / Ambrey Rice


“Marble Drop” currently has over 60 levels. Players are required to drop colored marbles through funnels to roll along tracks into cups of matching colors. It may sound simple, but the puzzles quickly intensify. Colors can be mixed or changed, trap doors can be opened and closed and explosives can go off.


Screenshot / Ambrey Rice

With a 4.5/5 App Store rating, “Marble Drop” is certainly an up-and-comer. The game is all about strategy. You are required to think before making a move, because one wrong move can cause you to restart the level. Levels are timed to add a little pressure, but players can advance through levels as slowly or quickly as they desire. After each puzzle, the player is given a rating between 1 and 3 stars to gauge how well he or she performed. The design is simple for clarity with a chalkboard design and fun, bright colors.


If you are looking for a fun, new game to get you thinking, “Marble Drop” could be the app for you. It’s a great way to pass time whether you are waiting for the T or simply have nothing to do. Be careful, though, because you could easily become hooked.


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