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Next: A New Reason to Swipe Right

From the people who brought the well-known “dating” app, Tinder, that boiled human interaction down to judging a book by its cover, comes a much more practical and less awkward app, Next. Now, instead of swiping good-looking people right, you can swipe in the name of good music.

Created by Tinder co-founder, Christopher Gulczynski, and former VP of design, Sarah Mick, Next provides a platform for new artists to create a profile of assembled clips, a short bio, and other music they like that they can share easily with the audience. Users can record clips of original songs or covers of popular ones. Some artists upload previously recorded music videos. Bands can receive feedback on their music clips or songs and track their popularity. From the non-artist perspective, the app allows you to swipe right or left to rate an artist and then gives you the option to follow or share the artist. It provides the audience with updates from bands they follow. It is designed as a forum where artists can develop a more personal relationship with their fan base and listeners can feel more involved in a favored artist’s success.

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Screenshot / Julia Ho

According to reviews in the app store, Next still needs some work growing its database of artists and genres as well as fixing a few software glitches, however, as the community of artists and viewers gets stronger, so will the app. This app is faster than YouTube and saves you from Spotify ads. It considers itself a platform created specifically for music and lauds its ability to enable listeners to “discover artists from more than three labels.”

Screenshot / Julia Ho

Screenshot / Julia Ho

With more talent emerging from YouTube and street performances, artists selling records without labels, and the immense popularity of streaming music, these ten second to three minute clips and easy to access artist profiles might just appeal to the constantly growing music industry and a generation that constantly wants to boast its latest music find. Next is geared toward new artists attempting to emerge in a highly competitive industry, but it could also prove to be a useful tool for talent scouts and A&R representatives. All artists have to manage Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, SoundCloud accounts, YouTube channels, and more. Using Next is sure to help up musicians find listeners who are passionate about music and are looking for genuine talent.

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