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BC Yelp: Not Real People, Not Real Reviews

Ever since the founding of Yelp in 2004, the online community has been known for its helpful user reviews and insightful comments mainly focused on locations and activities in and around cities. Each user writes a review and then gives it a rating out of 5 stars. By compiling the results of local experts, valuable inside knowledge of foreign places can be spread to everyone. While the site is widely used for restaurant reviews, its reach extends to all businesses and services within an urban setting.

Even though Yelp is normally full of serious critiques, there are the occasional outlandish reviews reliving someone’s unusual experience. Below is the Gavel’s Edition of BC Yelp:


Lower Dining Hall

“My mom told me that she saw me eating mozzarella sticks at 1:30 a.m. at Lower… BC Dining forgot to tell me that they have a camera in the corner of Lower that provides a live feed of the action to their website. She wondered why everybody got so hungry late at night. I blamed the dinner options – which isn’t completely untrue.”

“A great place to Eat, Drink, Think, and Talk. Except during peak breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours. I guess late night is okay, but I can’t remember that half of the time anyway.”

Photo courtesy of Tumblr.


Steak and Cheese:

“First of all, it’s called a Cheese Steak. But, that might be a stretch to say that the meat is actually steak. McDonald’s horse meat is closer to the wild than this processed cardboard.”

“A go to lunch and dinner meal for me. There are tons of new combinations you can make with the different sauces and vegetables. Yet, sometimes the broccoli can ruin your meal depending on whether the chef smashes it into smaller pieces. If not, be prepared to chew a gigantic broccoli floret in front of your friends. You might like broccoli, but your friends won’t like the sight of it half chewed in your mouth.”


Image via Jillian Timko/The Gavel

Jillian Timko / The Gavel




Probably from Hillside                            Twitter / Armikrog

“Their iced coffee gets me through the day – well at least for half of the year until my dining dollars run out.”

“The cookies are gigantic and a great treat to splurge on a few times a semester.”



BC Students

“Preppy and pretentious.”

“They are college students motivated by Jesuit ideals, so much so that volunteering opportunities are extremely competitive.”



Cleveland Circle

“Pretty much just a traffic circle. There isn’t much to it.”

“Home of MaryAnn’s - a BC tradition.”

“Starbucks, Chipotle, Froyo - a haven for all BC girls.”


Photo courtesy of Tumblr.


BC Football

“The Pregame lives up to all the hype.”

“I learned the football cheers at the beginning of freshmen year. Never used them afterwards.”

“Everyone at BC was talking about how great the 2013 season was – I hate to break to all of those die hard BC Interruption trolls, but BC barely made a bowl game and had a 7-5 regular season record.”


Selly Sallah / Gavel Media

Selly Sallah / Gavel Media



“Expect silence only on Sunday mornings.”

“The elevators are a floating cesspool, full of day old bodily fluids and Natty Light cans. Expect your feet to stick to the ground and to stop on every floor.”

“8-man’s are an awesome place to party. RA’s are hit or miss. But they don’t stop me anyway. Walsh is one of the go-to BC party destinations.”

The Mods

“Desirable housing for seniors (quite an oxymoron if you’ve actually seen them).

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

Anthony Golden / Gavel Media

Painted a maroon color and initially intended to be temporary, they have stayed on campus for over 30 years.”

“I spent two years in the Mods – Freshman and Senior years. My senior year was one year long party. My freshmen year was spent waiting and trying to get into that party.”



The Plex

“A gross sweat box contaminated with people that keep looking at themselves in the mirror.”

“I feel bad for the everyone that plays tennis inside the Plex because their skills are constantly being judged by the people riding the bikes above them.”

“Went to the Plex for orientation. Unfortunately that was the last time.”

“The treadmills have TV’s, which I love. I always pick the treadmill closest to the fan.”

“Never seen so many gallon water jugs in one place at one time in my life.”

Photo courtesy of BC Campus Recreation/Facebook

Photo courtesy of BC Campus Recreation / Facebook


Men’s Hockey Team

“Full of future contestants for the Bacholorette and professional hockey players.”

“At hockey games are the only time I feel socially accepted yelling ‘You suck!’”


Photo courtesy of Tumblr.


Shea Field

“Sorry BC Baseball and Softball teams. This is the home of tailgating.”


Million Dollar Stairs

“Picturesque, especially during convocation and when the football walks down before home games. At all other times, it is 128 steps of pain.”


Photo courtesy of Tumblr.


5th Floor of O’neill Library

“Peaceful – for both studying and napping.”

“Provides a great view of the city and Brighton Campus.”

“Home of thousands of books that no one will ever touch.”



“Always described to look like Hogwarts by admission guides, but every school says that so it really isn’t that special.”

“Bapst is like a time warp. You become so much more productive when you decide to do work in there.”


Photo courtesy of Tumblr.


CSOM Students

“An elite group of motivated kids that want to make a lot of money in their life. Saying you are in CSOM is a status symbol.”

“I am a A&S Student with a perfect GPA, president of a few clubs, and I still am not good enough to be able to transfer into CSOM.”

“Much easier than an science major – especially Chemistry.”

Dunkin’ Donuts

“It may be one of the most poorly operated Dunkin’ Donuts in the country, but it is kept running by desperate BC students”


Photo courtesy of Tumblr.

Newton Campus

“Quaint, peaceful, a great experience for some.”

“No parties, no fun”

“There are nice trails to run on behind Newton Campus. For some reason, I always see police officers there when I go.”

“Home to the legendary Keyes Basement.”


Brighton Campus

“Graduated from BC last year and never went to Brighton Campus”



“A course enrollment program that BC refuses to update and change. Unbelievably Incompetent Software.”

“Check on your birthday, you will be presently surprised.”

Photo courtesy of Tumblr.