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Best and Worst Times to Hit the Plex

Don’t let the topic of this article fool you: your guide on the best times to go to the Plex is not coming from some fitness guru or an impressive physical specimen, by any means. Rather, my level of “in-shapeness” is mediocre at best. Still, I have put in enough hours at the Plex – the Flynn Recreational Complex and the main gym for students on campus - to have a good idea of which times to go for an efficient workout. Thus, I’ve broken down the Plex’s hours into 6 rough time slots and have ranked them accordingly from what I deem to be the best to worst times to get a work out in.

 1. Opening-9:00 A.M.

This is, without a doubt, the best time to go to the Plex. Either throw around a little steel or show off how much healthier your heart is than everyone else’s on one of the many cardio machines. There is simply no better time. I don’t even know when the Plex actually opens as it is most certainly too early for me to be there - my gut tells me it’s something like 5:45 A.M. - but I do know that this is the best time to go. You may be asking yourself “But how do you know this, Pat?” . Well, during first semester of last year, I had an awesome routine down where I would be working out by around 7:30, done by 8:30, and then I had the whole rest of my day ahead of me. One egg white omelet from Lower later and I was good to go. Never in two years have I felt like my life had as much order as it did then. So, my recommendation to you is that you suck it up, get in a routine, work out early, and enjoy the rest of your day.

2.   8:15 P.M-Close

A routine that allows for a nice jump on the day is good and all, but that’s really only for the most disciplined Plex Girls and Bros. Tests, papers, intramural sports, club meetings, and social lives are all factors that can, and most likely will, keep you from getting into that ideal routine.

If you’re looking for the next best time to go to the Plex, pick anywhere from around 8:15 at night until closing, which I believe is at 11 P.M. The gym will still be a bit crowded around 8:15, but only thins out more and more as the night goes on. Going at night can allow you to get all your work done and provide some closure to the day, as well as justify binge eating Late Night food for your post-workout meal. Not a bad second option.

Photo courtesy of BC Campus Recreation/Facebook

Photo courtesy of BC Campus Recreation/Facebook

3.   9:00 AM-Noon

This is a pretty decent time to go for the sole purpose of it not being too crowded during this window. If you have no morning classes, treating yourself to a few extra hours of sleep before working out is never a terrible option, and most students will have class during this time, so you shouldn’t have much of a problem getting on the machines or using the weights you want.

4.   Noon-2:00 PM

Once noon hits, things start to get a little bit crazy in the Plex. People who only had morning classes and nothing in the afternoon will jump at this time frame to get a workout in. As the afternoon goes on, the Plex slowly starts to fill up as more and more students are done for the day. If you have to work out in the afternoon, go at noon as it is simply the lesser of evils. Expect some frustration, as you may have to wait to do some of your exercises.

5.   3:00 P.M.-6:00 PM

Things have to get worse before they can get better at the Plex, and that is exactly the case here. With more and more days ending for students, more and more students without my discipline flock to the gym. In fairness to the student body, this is not entirely their fault, as it is simply a norm of life at BC for students to be free at this time. Whatever the case, logic remains the same: as more and more people try and get their workouts done in this time period, doing so will happen at an increasingly slower rate as there is only so much equipment to go around. This is a bad time to go to the Plex, but will probably fit in best with your schedule.

6.   6:00 P.M.-8:15 PM

Truth be told, the five and six spots on the list are nearly interchangeable because the Plex will be so crowded during either time slot; that’s just the way it is. The 6:00-8:15 time slot takes the cake because it really does not get any worse than this. I have no idea why the most crowded time at the Plex coincides with the most crowded time at the dining halls, but it does. It’s as if everyone on campus decides to go to the same two places between 6 o’clock and 7:30. It’s weird. You may find this is the only time you can get to the Plex, and there is nothing wrong with that, but you will hardly enjoy it, if at all. During this time, the Plex is ratchet, no two ways about it. It’s hot, crowded, and smelly. If that’s what you’re into, go for it, but consider yourself warned.

This is not a perfect ranking but I like to think it’s a nice outline. Heed the advice or don’t, the choice is really your own. If you have no problem with working out in an overcrowded gym, more power to you, and if you can get in an early morning routine, you’re a better person than me. Stay fit, my friends.


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