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The Gavel and UGBC Partner Up for State of the Heights

The Gavel and the Undergraduate Government of Boston College are pleased to announce that we have formed a new partnership to deliver Boston College students with more news and better insight regarding the proceedings of BC’s student government and other affairs relevant to BC students.

This partnership aligns with UGBC’s commitment to be more transparent and be better connected with students as well as the Gavel’s mission to promote student dialogue by providing Boston College students with information relevant to their student experience.

The Gavel is therefore proud to announce the start of a new bi-weekly column called, The State of the Heights. The column, which will be published as a series of interviews with UGBC representatives including President Nanci Fiore-Chettiar and Vice President Christopher Marchese, will feature topics that serve as priorities for UGBC and are critical to the BC experience.

Gavel readers will also have the opportunity to take part in this new initiative by submitting questions to the Gavel which may then be added to the interview. At the end of each State of the Heights article, there will be an announcement regarding the topic of the next State of the Heights. Students will then be able to submit questions they would like to ask the UGBC representatives being interviewed about that topic by emailing bcgavel@gmail.comand putting “State of the Heights” in the subject line.

The very first State of the Heights will focus on Student Activities and Getting Involved and will be published during the first week of classes just in time for the Student Involvement Fair. If you have any questions you would like to ask Nanci and Chris about this topic, please send an email with “State of the Heights” in the subject line to the Gavel at

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