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BC Dining: It's Better Than You Imagined

When I first came up with the idea for this article, I submitted it on the premise that it would be written from the angle of outlining ‘The Best and Worst’ of BC Dining. However, after brainstorming ideas of how I would approach the article, I realized that BC Dining is actually pretty good.

The system can be annoying in that it essentially turns students’ Eagle IDs into debit cards and forces, at least to some degree, a budgeting of funds. Considering this, the system works surprisingly well. In return, students are afforded the opportunity to eat healthy or eat like a pig: to eat five times a day or eat twice a day. The choice is really their own.

There are a lot of choices in the BC dining halls. Here are some of the best options to make your first couple of days easier.



Can’t Go Wrong With:

The breakfast sandwiches or omelet line. The sandwiches come on either English muffins or bagels, and all of them are pretty good. It's an awesome choice if you’re in a rush to make it to class or catch the Newton bus in the morning. A nice added bonus is that they can be paired with home fries (also a favorite item among students) or piece of fruit and 8 oz. beverage for a very affordable $4.

If time is on your side in the morning, don’t hesitate to ask for eggs or an omelet made any way. Over-easy, over-medium, over-hard, or scrambled, the BCDS staff will make them all. They'll even add cheese if you ask nicely. Additionally, omelets made using regular eggs or egg whites are a popular and fresh option as well.

Stay Away From:

If you are going to avoid anything, stay away from the pancakes and the oatmeal. People eat both but there are simply better options than the sub-par pancakes, and the oatmeal just looks gross.

William Foshay / Gavel Media.

William Foshay / Gavel Media.


Can’t Go Wrong With

The Honey Q wrap, Steak and Cheese, or Sicilian Pizza. Admittedly there are many things you can’t go wrong with at lunchtime. The stir fry at Lower is awesome, and steak tips with rice in Mac are good too, but these are just three of my personal favorites.

The Honey Q is a honey-barbecue chicken wrap with lettuce, tomato and ranch. For some reason you will always get tired of eating it and how it tastes when you get down to your third-to-last bite, but it’s still worth it and you will go back to it.

Steak and Cheese is a staple of BC dining at lunch, dinner, or late night. You will try it and you will enjoy it. Life Hack: Get the Philly chicken and cheese and put buffalo sauce and ranch on it for a simply fantastic buffalo chicken sandwich.

Finally, I added Sicilian Pizza. I’m of the school of thought that BC’s pizza is actually decent, and of that pizza, any of the Sicilian is the best. I’m not sure why this is the case, it just is, so try it.

Stay Away From

Pasta and mini pizzas. The pasta is not horrible, and it's a stable dish to get if you want to mix things up every once in a while. However, getting it is essentially giving up, and my very Italian roommate from last year refuses to ever touch it if that offers a bit of perspective.

The mini pizzas go without saying because you will see them in all of their dry, disgusting sadness under one of the heating lamps, but I added them here so there is no chance you try to convince yourself that they might be OK. Spoiler alert: they are not.



Can’t Go Wrong With

Wok Away, Mexican-Cusine, Mac and Cheese Station, or if you want to play it safe, the chicken line. Beginning with Wok Away, it is easy to be turned off at first because it is cafeteria Chinese food.  The General Gao’s chicken, white rice, and dumplings are all phenomenal, and everything else is surprisingly good in quality and taste as well.

Photo courtesy of B / Flickr.

Photo courtesy of B / Flickr.

Any of the Mexican food is a solid option. Though many of my friends are part of the cultish Chipotle obsession that you may also find yourself victim to, I’m a glass-half-full type of guy and realize that, for $6.50 off your meal plan, a burrito, burrito bowl, or quesadilla is an awesome option.

The Mac and Cheese station was a pleasant surprise when I got to BC. I had never seen anything like it, but it’s a cool thing where you put ingredients like vegetables and meats into a bowl, and then the chefs prepare a tray of mac and cheese with those ingredients. You can then choose any type of cheese or sauce to add. It will be a bit of a slow moving line, but certainly worth the wait.

Finally, the Chicken Line will always be there for you. You may not be happy about it, but there are many worse things you could be eating in the world than a chicken sandwich or burger with fries.

Stay Away From

The sushi. It comes around in the dining halls every week or so. I know that up to this point I’ve semi-raved about the food at BC, but just hear me out. Most of BCDS’s creations are made with pretty basic ingredients; they just spice them up a bit. At the most basic level, it is cafeteria food, but thanks in part to the $23,335 tuition that students pay in a semester, impressive quality is achieved.

However, and this abbreviated rant is just about done, there is simply no way that for the price they will charge you, raw fish prepared in a glorified cafeteria can taste good or be healthy for you to eat. I guess I can add that I’m a certified Food Safety Manager in the state of Rhode Island and that I understand the danger that can come from eating raw or undercooked fish, which should help you understand that I will never touch BC sushi and nor should you.


Late Night

Can’t Go Wrong With

Anything. Chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, the buffalo chicken sandwich, you name it, I’m about it. You will probably regret it the next morning because of how it will make your body feel, but it’s worth it. It’s an absolute cash cow for the school on weekend nights, and if you see me in a dining hall on one of those nights I am probably going savage mode on a tray of food that is buried under a pile of chipotle mayo. Not afraid to admit it because it’s a part of who I am.

Stay Away From

Those mini pizzas, again. You actually can go wrong with one thing at late night, and it’s these. Everything seems to be going so well, and then the mini pizzas sneak up on you. Even with inhibited judgment, please do not eat these.

Photo courtesy of Felipe Hanower / Flickr.

Photo courtesy of Felipe Hanower / Flickr.

One honorable mention. The chocolate cake that BC makes could possibly be my favorite item of all, as it is a genuinely delicious cake, and I highly recommend it. All of that should give you an idea of what’s to come. As I wrote this I realized how much I will miss the school’s food when I study abroad in Ireland, a country not know for its cooking, so enjoy the food while you’re on campus.

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