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New Club Feature: BC 300

Many college students enjoy fond memories of their glory days on their high school sports teams. Unfortunately, many students lose the opportunity to participate in athletics at the university level due to the highly competitive nature of varsity sports, especially at a Division 1 school like Boston College. Without the camaraderie and motivation of the team, working out often seems pointless. Being on a team offers both exercise and a social life, two aspects of student life that can become difficult to balance in college. It was this idea that led to the formation of one of Boston College’s newest clubs, BC 300.

In the summer of 2014, senior David Corbie decided to participate in a popular obstacle challenge known as the Spartan Race that was taking place in Massachusetts. He trained in the Plex four days per week until the day of the race in preparation. Upon completing the race, Corbie was feeling tired but in high spirits, but he felt that there was something missing.

By the suggestion of alumnus Sam Lee (’14), Corbie decided to start a club for students who shared his new hobby. He posted on Facebook to see if there was interest among the student body. Corbie was then pleasantly surprised by a tremendous response from BC students, as well as their enthusiasm for a new club that would allow them to train for obstacle challenges together. The club was originally dubbed “BC Warrior,” but once Courtney Lawrence (A&S ’15) and Tatiana Petrovick (A&S ’15) became captains, Tatiana came up with the name “BC 300.”

BC 300 is not just about exercise and teamwork; its mission also includes an important charity component. The core members hope to gain support and awareness for a charity of the group’s mutual choosing that has not yet been decided. They hope to raise money and spread awareness for their cause through their physical exertion and successes in the races for which they will be training. The group feels that Facebook will be implemental in fundraising efforts, an activity which will also be a year-round effort for club members.

The club will be holding workouts at least three times per week. These sessions will be open to anyone in the BC community and will be led by the group’s captains. All students, faculty and alumni are welcome to participate. Workouts begin with a jog around campus or the Chestnut Hill Reservoir, followed by a group stretch and (depending on the weather and the focus of the participants) a workout either outdoors or in the Plex.

“Our goal is to help the BC community attack their physical and mental barriers in order to overcome their fears about completing these rigorous obstacle courses,” said the club’s founder and captain, David Corbie. “[The club will] give [students] something greater than themselves to strive for.”

Whether you want to train for an obstacle course race, stay in shape, learn tips on nutrition or simply meet some new friends, you are welcome as a member of BC 300.

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