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BC Student's Clothing Line Celebrates Positive Body Image

Danielle Dalton (CSOM ’16) likes business, creativity, and social change. Put it all together, and the result is Molly Miller: Dalton’s new startup retail company that runs by the mantra, “Live Authentically.”

While sitting in her room in Walsh last year, Dalton and her friends were thinking of different names for the company. She was interested in something nautical, a style that is a common theme within her company today. The name that she settled on was Molly Miller, named after a type of fish that she discovered while searching the Internet for inspiration.

With a business plan in hand, Dalton launched Molly Miller through the Boston College Ventures Club (BCVC) platform last spring. She exceeded her own expectations, making it to the semi-finals of the startup competition and then proceeded to raise $4,000 in just 10 days through a crowdfunding platform called Indiegogo.

The company’s success was not simply due to its fashionable products, but rather its core values, which include a huge emphasis on doing good. As a sophomore in college, Dalton was exceedingly aware of the negative effect that social pressures had on young women.

“The social aspect of promoting a positive body image came from culture in general at BC, other schools and in the media,” Dalton said.

There had been a surge of media articles surrounding body image, clothing sizes and issues with Photoshop and airbrushing that year. Dalton took it upon herself to support the cause of promoting a positive body image by donating 7% of profits to the National Eating Disorder Association, which she continues to do today through Molly Miller. In addition to supporting the National Eating Disorder Association, Molly Miller products are all manufactured in America using sustainable fabrics.

Dalton is all about the personal connections. “I’m on a first name basis with my seamstress,” she said. And although she has not met the producers of her jewelry in person, she is in constant communication with them via email.

“It is never an anonymous mail order from a catalog, by any means,” said Dalton. “Everything is done through a very personal relationship, which is the way I personally like it. I like to meet people and get to know them rather than have it be a cut and dry operation.”

In the future, Dalton aspires to create a stronger storefront with a wider array of cohesive products. Furthermore, she wishes to build a stronger sense of community within the company. Dalton reminds us that when creativity, drive and bright minds meet, the possibilities are endless.

To learn more about the Molly Miller line of clothing and accessories and shop the selection of goods, visit:

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