Breaking News: Bates Says "No Changes for the Game this Weekend"

The alleged wristband policy imposing attendance limitations for Shea Field tailgating before the USC game is false, according to an email sent by BC athletics director Brad Bates on Wednesday night.

"There are no changes for the game this weekend so I apologize for the confusion," Bates said. "We are simply letting people know that like the ND and FSU games, Shea will fill-up quickly and we will be likely cutting-off pedestrian access earlier than a typical game."

Earlier reports claimed that parking spots on Shea would be limited to ten guests, or wristbands, per tailgate.

"The wrist-bands are merely to ensure those who have parking permits on Shea can get family and friends onto Shea as with the Pitt game last week," Bates confirmed.

BC squares off against USC on Saturday night at 8 p.m., with all pre-game events and ceremonies proceeding as normal.

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