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"True Trans" a Pioneer in Transgender Movement

It’s been quite the year for trans Americans. Laverne Cox became the first transgender women nominated for an Emmy. Super Model Andreja Pejic came out as transgender. And now, only to add to the growing list of transgender strides in the media this year, AOL announced its debut original series that is set to follow transgender persons around the country. It’s host? The most notable transgender woman in music: Laura Jane Grace.

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Laura Jane Grace is the lead guitarist and singer of Against Me!, a punk rock band that she founded out of Gainesville, Florida. Formerly Thomas James Gabel, Grace privately struggled with what she often references as “gender dysphoria.” After signing with Warner Music Group in 2005, Grace swore off all expressions of femininity and decided to prioritize her career.

In 2012 and at age 31, Grace publicly came out about her plans to become a woman by means of medical transition. The same year Against Me! released Transgender Dysphoria Blues, which climbed to #23 on the Billboard 200.

Coming out was a self-actualizing dream for Grace. “It feels like I’m in control of my life, and I’m in control of my person,” she says. “Saying to someone ‘I’m a transsexual’ is the most empowering thing I’ve ever felt in my whole life.”

True Trans with Laura Jane Grace is a 10-episode series. The title for the show was acquired from Against Me!’s song, “True Trans Soul Rebel.” In addition to Grace’s reflections on her own personal experience, the show profiles the adversities and existences of other transgender individuals as she travels across the United States.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

In honor of National Pride Day, the four-episode debut of True Trans premieres October 10, 2014. Make sure to check out the preview of this pioneering series here!

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