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It's Healthapalooza Time at BC!

As Boston College students settle into their routines and classes start to demand more from them, they might lose track of the number of trips to late night they take in one week. Upcoming first-test-of-the-semester-stress may lead to an extra ice cream treat or sleep deprivation.

Although scaling the Million Dollar Stairs might make you feel like you have just ascended Mt. Everest or taking a lap around The Reservoir might make you feel like Rocky, it is important for students to keep in touch with their health and well being.

So whether the stairs are no match for you and you take them two at a time (congrats) or you find yourself gasping for breath on the middle landing, Healthapalooza promises to promote personal health for all.

Gavel Media

Gavel Media

Healthapalooza is a fair designed to enrich the well being of students, create awareness of campus health programs and demonstrate Boston College’s many beneficial resources. The Office of Health Promotion is hosting the event on Monday, September 22 on O’Neill Plaza from 10:30a.m. to 1:30p.m.

The event will feature dozens of representatives from different wellness programs at BC. Not only is the event good for you, but it’s fun! After all, anything ending in “palooza” is bound to be a great time (with lots of free stuff/food).

In fact, as soon as you arrive in O’Neill plaza, you will be able to refuel at the Boston College Dining Services table, which will be handing out free samples of healthy and delicious snacks. Once you’re energized, you can proceed to learn hands-only CPR from the Eagle EMS staff. “We are trying to empower people to be ready for dangerous situations,” Kristen DiBlasi, President of Eagle EMS, says.


Gavel Media

Additionally, Boston College Environmental Health and Safety will be teaching students how to use a fire extinguisher on real (contained) flames! The Boston College Police Department will also be present at the fair, using Fatal Vision Alcohol Goggles, which simulate drunkenness. The Office of Health Program will also be providing free chair massages for stressed students. Whatever is troubling you, Healthapalooza can help.

The wide variety of activities and partners at the fair is designed to serve individual students at Boston College. “Our goal is to promote and celebrate student health, wellness and safety; not only what we can offer to students through the Office of Health Promotion, but also resources that are available within the Boston College community,” says Elise Phillips, Director of Health Promotion.

Healthapalooza not only gives students helpful crime and emergency prevention information, but also considers emotional and mental health. Betsy Cook, Office of Health Promotion Manager, states that the department is offering a chance to “reflect on helpful strategies to ‘bounce back’ from life’s challenges”

Photo courtesy of Boston College Police Department / Facebook

The event will also be an opportunity for students to talk with BCPD and other health staff without the negative connotations that would normally be present. As Lieutenant Jeffrey Postell says, “it allows people to have a positive interaction with members of our staff and learn about their police department.”

It will undoubtedly be worth your while to make the trek up the stairs, across campus or around the Res to participate in Healthapalooza. Prizes, games and willing members of the health departments await you. Most importantly, there will be information you need to live a better, healthier life.

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