Apple's New Releases

Apple has long been considered a world leader in technological innovation. On Tuesday, September 9th, Apple reinforced this notion with the release of the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch, as well as a new program called Apple Pay.

Perhaps the most noticeable change in the new iPhone is the considerably larger screen. The two new iPhones measure 4.7 and 5.5 inches diagonally. Foreseeing the potential issues that can accompany a larger screen size, Apple created a feature called Reachability, in which double tapping the physical button makes the picture slide down so that a user can reach over with just one hand to tap the screen. Despite these larger screen sizes, comparable to that of a Samsung Galaxy, the phones are thinner than any previous models of the iPhone. Other benefits of these new models include a processor that is roughly 25 percent faster, as well as increased battery life. Furthermore, the phones support phone calls over a Wi-Fi network, and the phones have improvements in the camera that allow for a quicker autofocus. The starting price of an iPhone 6 with a contract is $200, while that for an iPhone 6 Plus is $300. The phones became available for purchase September 19.

Apple did not stop there, however. Along with the announcement of the new iPhone models came the news that Apple plans to offer a system called Apple Pay. This system is essentially a mobile wallet. By teaming up with retailers and major credit card companies, consumers will soon be able to purchase products with the tap of a finger.

Courtesy of Apple Inc/

Courtesy of Apple Inc/

Much like other Apple products, the news of the Apple Watch has sparked great excitement amongst prospective consumers. The watch places a great emphasis on health, featuring an app in which movements can be tracked and heart rate can be monitored. As far as appearance goes, the watch has a rectangular screen, and is available in two sizes. The monitor can be attached to six different strap styles, including leather and stainless steel. Functionally, the watch can run various apps, including navigation, music player, and calendar. As far as charging goes, the watch will rely on inductive charging, which requires a magnet from another device attached to the back of the watch. Apple said that there would be three versions of the watch — Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition — and that pricing would start at $350. The device will be in stores sometime in the year 2015.